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  1. As someone who doesn't pk and doesn't like pkers all that much I still agree with the changes, but maybe not the spirit shields everything else tho sounds good.
  2. see u round.
  3. might eventually make on for the sever.
  4. So i almost comp just waiting on loyalty points, so while im waiting i will start the rest of my goals. This is a template for OSRS some things don't apply and some things are missing(Cbf making one tho), i will go for everything that i can.
  5. Gratz, hoping to join you soon with a comp cape aswell and going for the pet grind.
  6. Bye

    just nothing really fun for me to do on the server. Comp doesn't really matter cause its not even bis no point.
  7. Bye

    Bored was gonna go for comp but whats the point. Might come back for infernal just bored.