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  1. i think that you shouldn't have to donate for an infernal max cape and maybe add an infernal comp cape.
  2. i agree with this expect for the wings and those kinda customs they would make the server look trashy imo
  3. Don't think they should be buyable at all they are op and take away the fun and time from getting a skill too 2b xp. @Dro
  4. Agree with most of these wouldn't be bothered if they all got added, also making a infernal comp cape would be nice and making the infernal cape combo not worth 100 dp.
  5. yea shits already op as it is, if your worried about swapping capes then wtf.
  6. +1
  7. i like first idea, not really set on the second idea.
  8. eco is trash tho.
  9. why is it a stupid idea?
  10. Opinions on a Eco reset ? Donors get back their point or half of their points ? Poll
  11. +1
  12. Bye

    Yeah been afking ruby tree for the past few days not having any fun kn the server.
  13. As someone who doesn't pk and doesn't like pkers all that much I still agree with the changes, but maybe not the spirit shields everything else tho sounds good.