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  1. Yikes tubby got another scythe. Didn't add over eat to spiritbloom? @ Kevin
  2. Power creep is already insane.
  3. wildy is trash only real reason to go in there is for agility, abyssal sire shouldn't be there or be easier to kill might get more players in there and maybe let people know that there is only bosses in wildy aswell.
  4. the effect comes for the superior version of the boss not the regular pet.
  5. if there was a npc to drop scythe it would have to be super overpowered anyways to a point where u would need bis gear to kill it in order not to kill the scythe price.
  6. I agree and disagree with this idea new players need more early help with drops but adding scythe and tbow to drop tables will only ruin the eco same as justi and sag u can get those items from the well which you can grind bosses for.
  7. @AXEmurderanext update apparently
  8. Added bork
  9. So i got bored after getting 50b xp and comp i was gonna grind for all pets but thought of this instead. I'm doing it on an alt called 1000 kills. i wanted to start with some easy ones more will come planning on doing most of everything except of things that are pure cancer. ^ Forgot to take out 3 pets ring of bosses doubles them. Got 25 elite clues
  10. FF_

    Collection log

    Adding collection log like on osrs to keep track of all drops from bosses don't know how well it will go with the bosses that aren't in osrs but im sure the smart devs could do it. Wiki Collection log
  11. Agree that the wikdy needs to be more active but pvm isn't worth it when one clan will come in max gear and keep killing you,monsters don't drop anything super desirable.
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