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  1. I've seen range/ags gmaul in costemics i think.. gmaul hits like truck so it does make it go quick for sure. but yeah.. i thought f2p would take long as round >: D
  2. Hey hey. got some ideas, would like to see what people think of them so here it goes. Love the tourney's, would like to see in future possibly: - Oldschool welfare style (mystics d'hides Rcb, dds whip style) meaby even brid version of it without range. if Dds is too long version just add ags insted of dds. - Meaby even F2P melee/range with monk robes :D - Dharok Brid would be nice too. amulet of torture would be nice addition, with ring of suffering but just throwing it out there. also ferocious gloves, but there is Flame Glove's (e) alredy so idk.
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