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    Wouldn't add a lot into game, but the fashion scape tho. More Hair-styles would be great ^^
  2. What is your name and in game name. My name is Ernestas. IGN= Ernst How long have you been playing? I've been playing for around a month +/ Whats your favorite activity to do? Well I'am really active person in real life, always willing to try something new, but for now i hooked on Volleyball, I love travelling and spending time with friends, Well i'am only 21 there's a long journey up ahead but imma trying my best to take what's been given to me and do everything i can. Age? (If your comfortable giving this out we don't judge) 21 in February 21st 😜 Some IRL stuff about me: a Year ago finished Lithuania's military, joined them on my own thought wanted to try something new so here i am serving my country Some not really important stuff, if anyone is wondering and willing to know what kind of person i am(i mean animal's wise) Well i have some to share with you. I have two dogs. If somebody is willing to know more about me, hit me Up in-game or discord [Named J0e there ]. ♥
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