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  1. Owner Arthur Supreme idk the owners at all as ive joined a couple days ago Co-Owner Kevin seen him once on the server so far so cant really say much Staff Manager Justin i dont know this man yet Manager Lewis seen him once cant say much seems decent tho Global Administrator Athos havent seen him yet either Administrator Mak3 absolutely LOVE mak3 Shiftynex idk him yet Bernard idk him yet Dutch decent dude very helpful got banter aswell Abe abe reminds me off abe lincoln loved him very helpful too if u need him:) Global Moderator Rapiid ags idk this dude either Moderator Fastneasy idk him yet Neon very helpful with stuff Tineepockets very helpful in CC Minh i love minh he or she is a decent helper when u need someone Heroic havent really seen him around yet Server Support Spud lovely dude very helpfull appreciate him
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