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  1. Im going to list my significant drops and pets as i camp different bosses. They will be in total values, so i will update the log for each boss i camp. Godwars - Kree'arra (and minions) Clue - x18 Casket - x11 Starved Ancient Effigy - x1 Bandos - (and minions) Clue - x11 Casket - x33 Starved Ancient Effigy - x2 Godsword Shard 1 - x2 Godsword Shard 2 - x1 BCP - x1 King Black Dragon Casket - x4 Clue - x3 Coins - 2100k Tormented Demon Casket - x10 Clue - x1 Robin hood hat - x1
  2. I too support it.
  3. bump?
  4. The wildy isnt as active as anyone would like, and there's always a few things we could do to make it a bit more active. The first thing I noticed is that there is a big gap in armor. After rune all I see is Godwars armor and such. There's not a whole lot of barrows armor available at the POS or even from PVMing. New players, or players that aren't wealthy don't want to risk any bando's, vesta or any med tier gear in the wild. Usually people in this predicament would just PK in barrows and whip, or barrows and another weapon. The base foundation being that people PK alot in barrows armor. Solution: Revise the barrows minigame. It takes too long, and is way too much of a hassle to do all of the bosses just to (maybe) get one piece of barrows. Most other servers ive seen/played on had the barrows bosses spawned in respective location to they're grave and people would just farm them. Place 5 of the bosses near each other for people to farm/pvm them. Not only will this bring in a large demand for barrows equipment, this "could" single handily start to bring in pkers.