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  1. Owner Arthur: since I'm new, I have not met everyone including Arthur. However, I can say that a good community often has a good leader/owner behind it. He has clearly helped cultivate a helpful and kind community. Supreme: I'll apply the above for Supreme as well. Co-Owner Kevin: I spoke with him a few times. Knowledgeable and kind is all that comes to mind. I may have confused him with another Kevin. Staff Manager Justin: I've never chatted with him myself, but I have seen him interact with others, and that seems to come from a place of kindness. Manager Lewis: He helped me answer a question about necklace of anguish, so I appreciate that! Global Administrator Athos: I got the privilege of enjoying my time in the game with Athos, he's a very nice guy, and I'm glad he was around for me to meet. Administrator Mak3: Mak3 has helped me get acquainted with this game. For that, I appreciate him immensely! Shiftynex: I've only seen him talk with other, I haven't spoken with him yet. Bernard: Bernie is a funny and fun guy to talk to on discord. Dro: I don't know him Dutch:I don't know him Abe: Abe's gonna get Abe's Inferno. Nice guy (talked about inferno with him) Global Moderator Rapiid ags: I don't know him Moderator Fastneasy: don't know him Neon: don't know him Tineepockets: don't know him Minh: helped me out with the game, I like him Heroic: I saw him once, seems nice but never spoke with him Server Support Spud: don't know him Trial Support Cursed I don't know him Eboy111 I don't know him Liquids this guy helped me with info about pricing, saved me from losing money! Noki I don't know him Forum Manager - Forum Moderator -
  2. Chono

    Smithing Guide

    How much did all of it cost?
  3. Chono


    Hi I’m Chono. I live in USA. I am studying Political Science for my Bachelors. Nice to meet you guys!
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