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  1. Message me on discord asap and let lmk what u want me to add and what kind of prices would be good also lmk if u want me to change something!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Will be working on those!!
  3. Thank you all for lovely feedback!! Please also let me know what you want to see in the guide because there is a lot of items to priced! love u xoxo
  4. Love the feedback Liquid n Eboy111! Yeah i know the prices will change a lot but i was planning to update the guide very often so that wouldnt rly matter but yeh i get whatcha boys saying ❤️
  5. Armour/Weapon/Donor $10 donor scrolls 3.6-4b $20 donor scrolls 7.2-8b $50 donor scrolls 18b $100 donor scrolls 36b Steadfast boots 20-35m Glaiven boots 20-25m Ragefire boots 20-25m Bandos set 200-300m Armadyl set 245m Statius's set 15m Statius's warhammer 8m Vesta's set 45m Vesta's Spear 5m Vesta's Longsword 9m Korasi 150-200m Dclaws 400-500m Armadyl Godsword 125-150m Dragon Kiteshield 80-100m / Kiteshield (or) 15m Dragonfire Shield 45-50m Amulet Of Fury 1-2m Blowpipe 300-450m Zaryte bow 10-20m Pegasian boots 350-400m Primordial boots 500-600m Eternal boots 100-200m Bronze Mystery Box - Gold Mystery Box - Diamond Mystery Box - Sapphire Mystery Box - Emerald Mystery Box - Ruby Mystery Box - Divine SS 500-800m / Ely SS 60-100m / Arcane SS 100-150m / Spectral SS 20-30m Torva Set 5.7-7b / Pernix Set 9-10b / Virtus set 6.3-7b Toxic staff of the dead 300-400m Justiciar set 30-33bb pieces 10-11b each / Ancestral set 30b pieces 10b each Ghrazi 9.5-12b / Scyrhe of vitur 115-120b / Scythe of vitur X 220-250b / Twisted bow 50-60b / Fire Twisted bow 200-220b Light Twisted bow 500-525b Flame gloves 350-400m / Flame gloves (e) 28-35b Hydra's eye 3-4b Regular Phats 1-2b ea Black phat 900m-1b Santa hat 750m-900m Black Santa 1-2b Sagittarian set 42-46b pieces 12-17b Celestial set NOT YET PRICED because it changes a lot Vorkath cape 15b Hydra cape 12-17b Nex cape 25-28b Corp cape 10b Verzik's cape 34-38b Raids cape 30b Death cape 20-30b Sanguinesti staff 45-50b / Sanguinesti staff X 200-350b Demonic SS 20-35b Thammaron's Sceptre 7-8b Will add more in the future!! Let me know down below what you want me to add or change
  6. Heyo! Join me on my live stream right now! Bout to do some bossing, learning and music!
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