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  1. Hello Everyone its Sopyright In-Name: Sopyright Discord: Sopyright#2783 About Me: I'm 19 years old guy from Estonia, studying in vocational school to be warehouse manager. Joined simplicity about end of the January 2020 and I really enjoy playing this rsps because of good community and help of staffs ❤️. Usually i'm playing CS:GO (faceit lvl 10 and mm global) First time I started playing regular rs was in 2010, rsps about 2011. Sometimes i'm streaming in twitch (go follow :P)
  2. Like, there is no useful use of multiple pets at all.. You cant do anything. Gambling would be dope, some kind of rolling or smth
  3. Have been thinking, there is no use of multiple pets.. So maybe there should be any gamble/exchange way to get rid of multiple pets, that you don't need. Example: Wooducutting pet (Beaver) and chance to get items one of the list 5m 1/10; 10m 1/50; 100m 1/1000, Sapphire mbox 1/1000
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