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  1. Owner Arthur is the best server owner of the best #1 rsps Supreme havent really talked to him but he helps out with coding and such in the background Co-Owner Kevin best co-owner very helpful and kind, helps with alot of staff work and server problems. Staff Manager Justin is very helpful with coding and managing his staff team, he is also a kind staff member good at his job Manager Lewis havent talked much with lewis but when i have he is very kind and nice to me Global Administrator 0reo belongs here Administrator Abe is very helpful with threads and he is a good admin he works hard on the server, nice and kind Dutch is a good admin makes fun activities and very helpful good at his job Global Moderator Minh very helpful mod helped me with thread numbers and skilling advice multiple times Moderator Spud is a good mod helped me with tips and threads Server Support Cursed very helpful with threads and other questions i had to ask him Eboy111 very helpful with skilling questions and threads
  2. Owner Arthur One of the best server owners with a great community Supreme Dont really know who he his but it is in his name Supreme just like this server Co-Owner Kevin he is always very kind and helpful on discord and in game Staff Manager Justin i know he works alot but he is always kind hearted and giving and i enjoy his progress with this server so far Manager Lewis is a OG dont really know him but he seems like a good person and good with managing Athos is a good manager Global Administrator 0reo is a best Administrator Abe he is a good admin very helpful with lots of stuff knows alot and has cute pup Bernard never met Dro never met Dutch is very good with mini games and information very helpful and cheerful man Mak3 never met Shiftynex i owe him 1b i borrowed still Global Moderator Rapiid ags never met Moderator Fastneasy never met Heroic never met Minh is a helpful moderator with threads Tineepockets never met Server Support Spud he is very kind and helpful with stuff Trial Support Cursed is a good information man with threads Eboy111 is good and very helpful Liquids never met Noki never met Trippin never met
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