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  1. Similar to how the superior scroll works, think it would be fun to make scrolls that allowed you to change your pets name? Possibly put it in the boss points store for possibly around 5k-10k. Maybe put it in the donor store. Have a npc sell them like sup scrolls for 50-100b.Just think it would be a fun idea.
  2. My Idea is to just make the DS SOV maybe have hidden damage bonus that works with say Sacred Clay Set and up? Because right now if you happen to win one in goodie, its the same as winning a SOV XI which is still a great weapon. But don't call it best in slot weapon in game if it only works with a $1000 Donor set and isnt tradeable.
  3. Ds Sov is not tradeable? But if they are going to make it possible to get without armour set then there is no point in having one without set. Since you will see non of the benefits.
  4. The Dragonstone SOV is best in slot melee weapon in game, but i think it needs a buff. In Torva armour only ds sov hits 42x3 = 126, this is the best in slot melee weapon in game. With Virtus armour only and Sangunesti Staff you hit 145. This is 20-30b item that can out perform the best melee weapon in the game. This is also without any prayers or other items on. I know DS SOV has double spec also but i dont think it makes for the fact a 20-30b tradeable item can out perform it.
  5. Been doing a lot of farming runs lately in search of that pesky tangleroot pet. I wish there was an option when banking items to click once and bank all of those certain items similar to old school runescape. Where you can set quantity to 1/5/10/all and just make banking items constantly a little easier.
  6. posted this is wrong section. Make post in appeals.
  7. I know they talked about making like a master boss cape one point, maybe this could be worked into that idea of being able to combine the boss capes in some way. +1
  8. You can Sleepinwmy9, but as soon as you attack it goes back to 99hp is you have ss active.
  9. Almost thought about doing this with all my caskets
  10. Was informed by player Jefrey that the Fury (or) and Anguish (or) have almost the same stats. More just to inform staff.
  11. Talked to a lot of people about this. Celestial needs to have the hp bonus that virtus,sagi,clay,torva,pernix, all have. Please and Thank you.
  12. Was wondering how hard it would be to add at the top of the monster and boss kc list what the total for both is. Each will still have that certain boss's kc but have total at the top or bottom. Just something simple but would kind of be nice to see the total number of boss you have killed while playing. Mostly asking for boss's killed.
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