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  1. Option #1 - So Currently the only was to get spec restores is in the ::di store, which is fine but can we please have a way to note them like the other pots. Option #2 - Add a new item in game that works similar to the imbued heart, but instead of raising magic bonus, restore part or special attack. Can keep it the same far how often it works, either can restore special every 30 seconds like pot does, or full restore special but have like a 5 mins wait.
  2. Absolutely killing it, keep em coming!
  3. One of if not my favorite thing to do on this sever is collect all the insane pets it has to offer. I want to to see everyone's pet collection even if it is only 1 pet. Show your beloved pets in game pets some love. Yes some of these pets are not obtainable anymore and some are from old voting events, holiday events, etc... The scythe's and twisted bows are all pets as well.
  4. How did I find simplicity? I've played quite a few rsps server in my day. I actually stubbled across this gem about 1 year ago now just looking for a new sever to try out. This sever has by far had the best community and engaging staff members/owners/and dev team. What is My Favorite Gamemode? Normal Account, have tried everything but a realism account so far. Always end up going back to my old faithful normy account. My Favorite Activity to do in Simplicity? #1 Pet Collector If I could bring one thing to a deserted island, what would it be? Most Definitely have to be my Honda. Yes I would be skirt skirting all over that island, and its Honda so ill never run out of gas. How would you rate the server from 1-10? 10 of course What's my IGN Slowasshonda
  5. Come get all your graphic needs from this legend right here!
  6. I feel as though both the max and comp zones are a little lacking. Yes both have new monster to fight and all which is nice, but what if we added a shop to each zone with better than the normal starter weapons? Things such as blowpipes, different kinds of abby whips, maybe even some skilling items such as dragon hatchet since other than bossing or pos you can not obtain this item. Since comp is the harder achievement to get maybe make that store have slightly better items such as magma bp, maybe thammarons staff, or just mid tier items that might be a little harder to obtain other wise. I only say to have these low to mid tier weps/items since they wouldn't really effect the pos system. The ghrazi raiper is a weapon that hovers around 2-5b on the pos. If say the weapon was 3.5b in either the max or comp zone shop, people could still buy or if someone if selling for slighlty higher, players could still get around this by paying slightly more for items out of the pos. Just think this would help give players more of a reason to finish maxing or comping account. Let me know what you guys think or maybe idea for items that could be in store like this. Thanks
  7. I agree with this also, I think either would be a good addition or quality of life upgrade to server.
  8. This may just be me being lazy but curious on other people's thought on this. Was wondering if making a command that opened the regular teleport menu with monsters, bosses, dungs, wild, minigames such as ::menu. I only thought us this since recently for some reason my spellbook keeps getting messed up upon login. I understand this would kind of negate part of the spellbook but just an idea, looking for opinions and thought. P.S I'm not referring to the menus that ::monsters and ::bosses bring up.
  9. Maybe its just cause I've been in the gas industry for like 6 years now but I have never found it scary lol. Honestly electricity scares me more than natural gas. Like I'd rather fight a broken gas line with 60psi, then change a 120v outlet Xd.
  10. I work with natural gas lines, with both installing new pipelines in the ground mostly residential and few industrial lines. I do everything from putting the pipe in the ground to installing the gas meter on the side of the house and going in and lighting appliances. It definitely an interesting lines of work being as I never have a set schedule since if something is hit we have to respond cant wait until the next day when you get natural gas blowing haha. Done everything from being a fitter fusing together plastic pipe in the ground, to a operator using mini excavators to dig up old lines, to plumber actually replumbing steel pipe out of people's houses to connect to our lines.
  11. Well technically Middle man is a staff member. At least in the past it has been but there almost like staff members who aren't fully apart of the staff. Like this person should not be aloud to ban anyone, just simply kick the player or be able to tele someone home. They can still apply for this role just like every other staff member spot. To comment on the just make them a support staff comment. My only issue with this is when you become a staff member, it comes with rules just like anything else, and so would this rank. I also think they would only need/use maybe 1-2 players with this rank. Even if someone applies for staff and gets support they could do the same as far as going haywire and kicking an banning people all willy nilly. These rank is basically like a backup rank, so that in the few times where there is no other staff online, they can assist a player in need of help. My main point is that I suggested this to help people when staff isn't online, yes they can still be held accountable for any and all actions they do. I think its a small feature that a select few could possibly be chosen for, that would just help assist only when a staff member is not online. It just sucks when you see a player stuck and cant do anything about it and all someone can say is well sucks to suck wait for someone to get on.
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