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  1. I have so many ancient effigy's in my bank and was wandering if they could add a npc or add to an existing npc the ablility to either pay gp to exchange to exp lamp or like decanting maybe donors get it free. Either way click through those things take forever! Please and Thank you.
  2. I figure out a solution to this...… I ordered a second monitor so now I can do other things and have simp up at same time. Xd
  3. +1 Possibly shorten time of first phase, and increase 250-500 hp to his head for final kill?
  4. I would be fine with that, not looking for more damage at all. I just don't understand why they call it afking when it literally stops itself within 30 secs. Either way it was just an idea I had and was curious on everyone else's thoughts. Just tired of only seeing new op donor weapons coming into game, and no other new content besides what does more damage or gives a better drop rate increase.
  5. Ya and honestly I would be ok with only a 5-10 capacity increase, I'm not trying to afk boss for 10 minutes at a time, but once you get to end game all anything is, is a grind. I'm just looking for options to help assist that for dedicated pvmer's, and add some new content other than op donor weapons.
  6. I mean is it really afk if the cannon stops within 1 minute of firing?
  7. My response to that is what's the difference between me just sitting at my computer now click every 20 seconds vs me working on something else and coming back to click every 2 minutes? They say this is afking boss, but nothing in this game other than afk money makers are truly afk. My cannon will run out of cannonballs depending on where I'm at within 30 seconds to 1 minute, so I don't fully see how this is afking. It still requires me to come back at click on my screen when it runs out.
  8. I feel like the cannon is incredibly underrated on this game, it makes a lot of monsters semi afkable. If your like me and mostly just grinding away at some monsters it can really come in handy. I'm suggesting a possible cannon upgrade, not really in power but in cannon ball capacity. I'm thinking this could maybe be a item in the donor point store or a drop from a random boss, so its not something easily obtained. Something that you can use with your cannon to make it hold up say 50 cannonballs at one time (nothing crazy like 100). The main reason I purpose this, is for the people who are grinding out bosses for pets, rare drops, etc... I think it could a very useful upgrade to assist those people grinding bosses or monsters toward end game. The Cannon X Set, but open to name ideas. I have been rethinking this cannon upgrade idea. Thanks to Stormz, Xelta, and KingTwix for helping think of ways to make this fair and not push the boundaries of breaking rules. What if we made this upgrade a reward for a donor rank? possible Diamond-Emerald or add it to donor point store for 250-500 maybe. That way to make sure not everyone and their grandma can get one. It would be a reward/upgrade for serious pvmers.
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