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  1. Love the wilderness slayer idea, would definitely bring more people to the wild! Great post mate! In my opinion, I think a lot of regular players main concerns with pking is losing their hard earned items to some irl rich guy that just payed real cash for a clay set and a scythe or something. Thus making it an unfair advantage for the regular players and non donors who aren't as privelidged. I personally have tried to pk in statius only to be 2 hit by some guy in full torva with a scythe. I know that's not something that's going to change tho because the server needs money to stay running so its always gonna be p2w. I don't have an issue with that. Im still a big fan of the server. I think an alternative could be to make a 'low tier gear restricted zone' or something (the name needs work), where you would still lose your items, but the gear you can bring has to fall under a certain bracket. (eg. a limit on your dps and def bonus when entering.) so you wouldn't be able to pk there if you're wearing endgame gear that most players don't have. That way the poor folks can pk too on an even playing field, and its not like rich people cant just buy crappy gear if they wanna pk. I think all that would take far too much work for the developers though, I have no idea tbh how hard it is because im no coder, so I'll throw it out there. Another alternative could be to make an area that works in a similar way to pk tournys where upon teleing there with no items, you're given a certain setup and everyone has to use the same gear.(could change setup every few hours or so to keep it lively and not boring fights in same gear) and instead of items upon death you're given a cash reward, or a random roll off a droptable. You would have to pay an entry fee (10-50m) so its not just free money and youre risking something if you lose. There would probably be issues with farming though so there might have to be a rule that you can't kill the same player repetitively or something like that. thanks for reading if you made it thru my drabble, Uncle JPS
  2. Okay ill start off by saying I haven't really interacted with ALL the staff, other than a "hello" here and there to some. This feedback is mostly related to todays incident, however there are a few honourable mentions included. FIRSTLY, I'm super happy with how ALL the staff today have handled the 'Simpocalypse'. Fantastic job at keeping the community at ease whilst the issue got resolved. For an unexpected situation is was handled very well. Now moving on... KEVIN - Absolute gun of a human being for handling the issue within a few hours of it happening and restoring peoples accounts manually. I'm not sure who else (if any) were involved behind the scenes helping Kev today, but you have all done a great job! HEROIC & SHIFTY NEX - Both did well keeping the discord under control during the server downtime and answering peoples questions. Great work fellas! Unrelated to todays incident but I have to mention these guys; DUTCH - Good bloke to chat to, always helping out with general queries and bringing a bit of humour also. BBNO- Awesome guy, helped me out heaps when I started before he even had support rank and was just an UIM. Well deserved position! Keep at it brother! GREGOROVIC - Great at his support role, always seen in [help] assisting new and old players alike. A great example for any future support roles and if I may say a great candidate himself for future admin. If I haven't mentioned you please don't take offence, if you think I should have feel free to slap me down with the quickness. ALL the admins on Simplicity are super friendly and helpful and I think this is the reason the community is so fantastic. You are all doing an extraordinary job, keep at it! Thanks for reading if you made it this far Much love, Uncle JPS EDIT: FORGOT BERNARD - ALWAYS SUPER HELPFUL, Great work mate ❤️
  3. Legend Kev, appreciate the hard work youre putting in. Considering it was completely unexpected you guys are handling it quite well! Hope it hasn't affected your day entirely
  4. As a wise man once said... "that's f***in skitz mate"
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    Okay so the title basically says it all, A shared bank for your GIM group. GIM Players would be able to deposit any items they please in to said bank and their group members can remove them at will. Completely separate from regular bank. Now im aware that you can already trade between group members, however there are players from all different timezones so it would be a great feature for managing shared items, opposed to waiting for your group member to come online to trade you things. Thanks uncle Jps


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