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  1. Welcome @ shiftynex I really hope you enjoy playing with us, If you need any assistance in-game please feel free to message me, I really look forward to seeing you in game. -Gim Sang
  2. I agree. if you are at all curious about anything please feel free to message me in game, I can't wait to see you. -Gim sang
  3. I think this is a wonderful idea, their could be a few issues in which would need to be targeted and fixed asap but if this was added in it would enhance the group iron experience and probably push more people to participate in the new game mode. Thankyou for the suggestion for gim, I'd personally love to see more.
  4. Hey liquids, this idea is fantastic, I believe it would help to develop community growth and make for an interested new minigame/gambling area. @Thatonedude love the idea you put forward to adapt it into a minigame, it would provide extra content! I do believe there should be requirements if it becomes a minigame however it would definitely improve the server.
  5. This idea has really made an impact on me, I believe having this in the game would be a spectacular idea. The same way as having melee it would provide a decent set bonus so ranged could keep up with melee and mage. Nice work Spud! love the ideas keep them coming.
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