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  1. I remember Arthur telling me that the "sag set bonus" only works when the full set is equipped. Altought i did not ask what that boost was. Im assuming its a 15% accuracy or something. Im not against an additional boost, but at least inform us on its special effect
  2. Sigh....Gl
  3. Yes please.
  4. Kc 45 Kc 46
  5. For the rules, you didnt suggest any alternatives. In fact, I think the multilogging in wilderness should be even more strict. It's mainly to prevent people scouting. And it's easy for someone to use a "skiller" in order to scout. So i would suggest not allowing multilogging in wilderness AT ALL. Luring, there is nothing to say about this, it's against the rules and should always stay that way. Death dotting, i mean, pking is inactive. It's always the same 4-5 pkers killing skillers and pvmers that doesnt risk anything. If players go into wildy thinking they will be safe because they see 1 single dot, too bad for them. Thats the only rule I'd remove.
  6. At 60 Kc
  7. 62m slayer xp doing boss task and it's the only drops i got so far
  8. Going for comp cape + all pets I will post pictures everytime i get a rare drop and will update the list when receiving a pet All pets: Abyssal Sire Baby blue dragon Bandos avatar Barrelchest Black dragon Blue dragon Bork (45 kc) Cerberus Chaos Elemental Commander Zilyana Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme Desert strykewyrm Frost dragon General Graardor (60 kc) Giant Mole Olmlet Green dragon Ice strykewyrm Jungle strykewyrm (65 kc) K'ril Tsutsuroth Kalphite Queen King Black Dragon Kraken Kree'arra Lizardman Shaman Nex Phoenix Rock crab Scorpia Skotizo Slash Bash Tormented Demon Venenatis Vorkath Wildywyrm