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  1. This is a suggestion thread that i made, and still update if i find anything that should be added to this game, my reason is to upgrade the game for good and erase the mistakes. when a suggestion gets used in-game i will remove them from this list, but until then, they will stay. i appreciate it a lot if u care to share this thread either in-game or on discord (::thread 413) -I know there is a command ::finddrop (monster) for finding out what a monster drops, but if u add a command ::whatdrops (name of item), it makes it easier to find the exact item i am looking for. This command should give a list of all monsters that drop an item. for example ::whatdrops dragon claws = tormented demon etc. -I have seen a lot of events in-game such as drop parties, trivias and hide n seeks. i would like the staff to host more, and i think its a good idea that this continues because its fun for everybody and brings us closer to eachother. -Make the DragonFire shield operate. -The dungeoneering skill tab doesnt show more than level 99, it should be fixed to showing the current level. -Changing the donator zone teleport from ::di to ::dz. -All bosses have instanced area and multi area. -Zooming out without holding CTRL, many new players are used to zooming without holding CTRL because on osrs you just scroll. -More items in donator zone shop for example rocktail. -Why have stat reset certificate in donator zone shop when there is a prestige system? -when i placehold items in my bank i cant release items when i click release. -More cash that can be contributed into well of goodwill. 1000m or 500m. -When there is a server restart, keep the bonus xp from donations. -Open up shop by doing ::shop. so you dont always have to run home and back -Reduce pkp store prices, also add morrigans and zuriel to it. -Make a teleport for max zone: ::mz -Add 20$ scroll in donator shop. -Remove the limit of items sold in player owner shop. or atleast increase it. -Remove the server message about bank pin being important now that its mandatory to set a bank pin it doesnt make sense. -After finishing Olm boss raid, make our health, prayer and specia attack heal. -decrease inferno cape stats, 50% of people got it and is ruining the economy for capes. - speaking of capes, increase completionist cape, it is VERY difficult to achieve so it deserves better stats.
  2. you forgot dungeoneering shop too