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  1. ool or good guy''. We want feedback that will help us improve as a team. Owner Arthur: is a nice guy he work hard to make this server. Supreme: i never meet him ingame but i think is a good guy Kevin:nice co-owner is helpful and very cool Staff Manager Abe:the best staff manager for me is good guy and helpful Justin:is a good staff manager and helpful at the all questions Manager Lewis:lewis is one of the best staff for me is helpful and cool Athos: another best very cool and helpful Global Administrator Bernard:i think is a good global admin very happy in your work and helpful Shiftynex:one of the best,so much helpful and very active ingame Administrator Dro:is a best admin cool,helpful,active ingame and very funny Dutch:good admin helpful and cool Heroic:the best admin for me is cool helpful happy and worker Minh:i dont see him much but is good admin and helpful Rapiid ags:is cool helpful and very worker Moderator Eboy111:a big mod helpful and very cool Spud:spud is one of the best is very helpful and cool Server Support Noki:very helpful at your work and cool Liquids:very cool helpful and very funny Gregorovic:for me is a good helper and very active ingame Trial Support Liquid:very active ingame and helpful Bbno:i dont meet it but i think is good guy Sanguinesti:good helper and very cool.


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