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  1. Congrats fully deserved to all. Sad to see Justin go.
  2. I like the idea +1 from me. Great way to make skilling actually desirable instead of just lamping everything.
  3. I expected more honestly I guess my math was off but I would expect more. Nice experiment though.
  4. 150 to go motivation is getting tough. Still only 2 1/900 drops.
  5. Congratulations welcome to the team.
  6. Did a little update hit 6000 boss points so only 250 raids to go. Finally received my second 1/900 drop got the Olmelt.
  7. Thank you thank you appreciate you.
  8. Awesome guide for new players!
  9. Loving the dedication. Had a similar idea myself but after my goal i think ill be done with crazy boss goals for a bit. Good luck bro!
  10. Good luck bro its a long and rough grind. Im feeling the struggle of Olm after 700 raids.
  11. The ultimate Olm slayer As some of you may know I set myself the ridiculous goal of getting 8k boss points from only Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood. When I started this goal Theatre of Blood had a bug and only recently got fixed so far all my boss points have come from the Chambers. I set to get 800 boss points per day which is more than a 100 raids per day. Since you get 8 boss points per kill this roughly equates to 1000 raids, wrong since every time the party gets a drop you only recieve 4 points plus the drop this means over time you are definitely doing more than 1000 raids. I have been mainly soloing and duoing these raids. Each raid takes around 3 minutes and 30 seconds to complete. Meaning im spending roughly 6-7 hours at raids per day My gear is full sacred clay, scythe of vitur x, ring of bosses, raids cape, angelic boots, flame gloves (e) & Necklace of anguish (or). Giving me a total of 35% extra drop chance when bonus orb is inactive and 45% when bonus orb is active. At 3200 boss points sezy let me borrow full masterwork. Big shout out to sezy. Gear currently is Full masterwork, Scythe of vitur DS, Ring of bosses, Raids cape & Necklace of anguish (or). This now gives me a total of 45% bonus drop chance when bonus orb is inactive & 55% bonus drop chance when bonus orb is active. Today March 13th 2020 I hit 4000 boss points of only Chamber of Xeric and no other boss. I have kept a record of all the rare drops I received from Olm per 800 boss points. 0-800 boss points: Twisted buckler Bandos chestplate Dragon hunter crossbow Wizard box Meaning in total i had to do 102 raids just to reach 800 boss points. This number is not accurate as I did not keep track of drops that were not mine meaning it more than likely is more. These 800 boss points were all done 1 one day. 800-1600 boss points: Dragon scimitar (g) Diamond box Warrior box Tome of fire Dragon scimitar (g) Primordial boots Wizard box Ring of bosses Bandos tassets Kodai insignia Dragon crossbow Just based on my drops alone I had to do 106 raids to reach 1600 boss points. Again this does not include my duo partner getting drops. These points were achieved in one day. 1600-2400 boss points: Primordial boots Dragon scimitar (g) Pegasian boots Bronze box Magma blowpipe Flame gloves Bandos chestplate Bandos chestplate 104 raids this time round based on my drops not including partners drops. Again these points were achieved in one day. 2400-3200 boss points: Armadyl godsword Flame gloves Dragon hunter crossbow Archery box Cryan crystal Elite archery box Archery box Bandos tassets Bandos chestplate Bandos tassets Elite archery box Archery box 106 raids based on my drops not including partners drops. This is the day I had my burnout after doing 3100 boss points worth of raids in a row I started to get frustrated mistakes were happening and I had to stop. I took a break for 2 days and finished off the last 10 at my own time. 3200-4000 boss points: Warrior box Primordial boots Elite warrior box Warrior box Diamond box Gold box Twisted buckler 104 raids based on my own drops not including partners drops. I did these 800 points at my own pace whenever I felt like stopping I did. Doing over 100 raids per day just was not feasible. In these 800 points Sezy let me borrow Masterwork armour meaning I have an extra 10% drop chance. 4000-4800 boss points: Dragon hunter crossbow 1/850 Diamond box 1/155 Tome of fire 1/850 Kodai insignia 1/850 Sapphire box 1/320 Gold box 1/155 Pegasian boots 1/850 Diamond box 1/155 Dragon hunter crossbow 1/850 Diamond box 1/155 105 raids this time not including partners drops. 4800-5600 Warrior box 1/40 Diamond box 1/155 Warrior box 1/40 Gold box 1/155 Archery box 1/40 Primordial boots 1/850 Sapphire box 1/320 Wizard box 1/40 Warrior box 1/40 105 raids this time not including partners drops. 5600-6400 Olmlet 1/900 Dragon scimitar (g) 1/40 Magma blowpipe 1/850 Warrior box 1/40 Armadyl godsword 1/320 Warrior box 1/40 Warrior box 1/40 Emerald box 1/320 Bandos Chestplate 1/40 Dragon crossbow 1/320 Wizard box 1/40 Dragon warhammer 1/320 106 raids this time not including partners drops. 6400-6800 boss points Magma blowpipe 1/850 Bandos tassets 1/40 Elite archery box 1/40 Elite warrior box 1/40 Sapphire box 1/320 Kodai wand 1/850 Emerald box 1/320 Bandos tassets 1/40 This is Olm's rare drop table: My drops compared to drop table: Out of the 40 total unique rare drops I have 28 unique drops and a total of 81 drops. What I am missing: 1/40 bracket: 9 uniques I am 8/9 missing the Elite wizzard box 1/155 bracket: 3 uniques I am 3/3 1/320 bracket: 6 uniques I am 6/6 missing 1/850 bracket: 11 uniques I am 9/11 missing Split dragontooth necklace & Great Olm's crystal 1/900 bracket: 11 uniques I am 2/11 missing Twisted bow, Orb of light, Olm's fire, Elder maul, Ancestral hat, Ancestral robe top, Ancestral robe bottom, Fire of nourishment & Mythical cape. So the TL;DR my current goal is to finish off the last 4000 boss points in my own time still only doing Chambers of Xeric. I think after that I will be going for all uniques at Olm. I have gotten Great Olm's crystal, Ancestral robe top and Ancestral robe bottom in the past depending on what happens in the next 500 odd raids I will see if I add those to the unique list or not. Big thank you to a few people who have helped me out in these runs: God of rng - we've probably done the most raids together in the shortest period of time and he is the driest guy around. Sezy - for lending me the Masterwork armour and doing a few runs with me LWS TBL There are a few more but I cannot think of their names off the top of my head. Thank you for helping me achieve this goal. P.S. It has been agreed by all the staff that Kevin should give me all remaining uniques once I have finished this grind. XD -Dpowerhouse
  12. Thank you thank you much appreciate you guys!!!!
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