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  1. Awesome update!!! Amazing workrate so many updates in such a small period of time. Impressed!
  2. Thanks lads appreciate it I will do my best!! - Dpowerhouse
  3. I've been playing this server for coming up to 2 weeks and i'm really enjoying it. While playing and grinding out a few things I have noticed some minor tweaks that could be added/fixed. - Hydra pet added back - Zulrah pet - Hydra's eye added to stone chest at ridiculous drop chance If not make deadman's cape have a function or remove from drop table and replace with something, for example a best in slot cape behind raids capes on par with mythical, corp graceful. - Adding ways to optain nex cape, vorkath cape, tob cape from drop table and not just ::goodiebag with a crazy droprate. - Nex torva helm and virtus helm drop update drop table - Olm kill count as chest opening not final hit. - Make hydra able to kill by party but only one gets drop just like corp for new players. - Necklace of anguish has better stats than necklace of anguish (or) - Add the *username* has logged on/off from friends list Let me know what you think. -Dpowerhouse
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