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  1. welcome bro 😁 This server is Wicked!
  2. Good idea bro! i have just uploaded a picture of the gear im using.
  3. Yo Lads, Decided to make a post of all my trips to hydra & raids and the drops i get. Something to do and fill in some time while on Corona Lockdown for the next 4 weeks. 28/03/20 - 10 Trips to Hydra. 29/03/20 - 10 Trips to Hydra.
  4. Hey lads, i will jump on the band wagon and do a little introduction about myself. In Game Name -Ratfish, Why? no idea why my good mate used that name on RS so i copied him. terrible name now when i think about it. I don't even like fish. When did i start playing - started about 10 days ago, clocked up about 50 hours, been playing RS for about 15 years now. Age - 23 Where am i from - New Zealand, Wellington Job in real life - I'm a operations manager for a company that sells workshop equipment like vehicle hoists, Tyre machines ect. Why did i choose this server? - i just googled RS private servers and this was the first one i tried so stuck with it. been playing another RSPS for about 5 years and got bored of it wanted to try something new. Always keen to do shit in game, flick me a message if i'm not sitting at the AFK tree doing fook all i will reply. UP CONOR MCGREGOR.


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