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  1. What's up guys, I joined simplicity a few weeks back, and I've noticed that for new players, the economy is NOT good and it needs to change to keep interest in new players. It can be denied, but realistically speaking, the only way to obtain custom, end-game weapons and gear is through goodiebags. I know this will be denied, but since I began playing, unless I grind CoX or ToB for months on end, it'd be near impossible to see one of these weapons that runs 600b + in price. This is an insane turn off for new players. Custom weapons are fun, but when the only way to get them is through donation essentially, it ruins the fun. I understand the purpose of a RSPS is to make money, but there NEEDS to be a balance between profit, and sustainability for new players. Luckily, simplicity has a system in place that can cause this to become a very easy fix, and its the magic well. This system is very fun and unique, but who wants to gamble like that when the risk v reward isn't worth it? My suggested solution, is to greatly increase the drop rate of the base Twisted Bow and the base Scythe of Vitur from their respective bosses. When I say greatly, I mean bump it from 1/900 to 1/150 - 1/200 . This sounds crazy I know, but before you exit out of this suggestion, let me explain how this will benefit everyone. Obviously, this would drastically drop the price of twisted bows and scythes for newer players, I'd imagine it'd be somewhere in the price range of 10-15b after stabilization. This would in turn mean new players could easily obtain 1 after a week of semi- consistent gameplay and voting. Now, with that said, since the base of the weapon would be easier to obtain, that would make the custom weapons MUCH easier to obtain, but that's not what is wanted They still need to be hard to obtain, but not impossible. My solution to this, is to first off, nerf the base twisted bow and scythe by about 40% . This will allow these weapons to still be very useful in raids, which would be the introduction to allowing players to farm for the custom end-game weapons. Secondly, make the Magic Well upgrade chance for Scythes and Twisted bows HIGHER. As it stands now, the chance of this happening is 1/5-1/10 chance. Bump this up to 1/15-1/20. This way, the custom weapons are still rare, but not only obtainable through goodie bags. This will allow more of these weapons to be in game , and when there's enough in game, you throw in more custom weapons to keep people gambling their Tbows and scythes at the well. With all of this being said, I am still almost certain this change will be overlooked, but hear me out. I understand the administration team have a very solid system and a nice income from the ::goodiebag system . But think of the long term situation you guys are putting yourselves in. You will still maintain a solid playerbase with the system you have now, because there are quite a few donators on this server who donate mass amounts on a regular basis. This system does not entice new players though. They log in, and see how unrealistic it is to make 600b + without donating, which shouldn't be the only way to obtain this stuff. I know there will be people who say " just stake" or "just donate", but that's not the point. For the longterm health of the server, it needs to have a economy more welcoming to newer players, because in the end, they're the ones who keep servers alive. Chuck
  2. As it stands now, prestiging is pretty worthless, and a dead system in-game. This system has a lot of potential, but it just needs changes to be worth it! This can be a system that can make skilling actually a thing in Simplicity, instead of it essentially just being a PvM server. Here's what I think what lead to a solid revamp - Add different EXP modes to the game , so when you prestige, it's based off that. As it stands, the only way to get bonus prestige points is to play an iron, which not many do. Remove individual skill prestiges , when you prestige it resets EVERYTHING to level 1, but obviously granting significantly more points. Rework the shop - MASSIVELY. If this system gets a rework, the money made from it needs to be somewhat comparable to PvMing, I'm not saying go in and add scythes and twisted bows, but add a lot of boss drops! GWD Armor/weapons , spirit shields, Nex armor, etc.! Remove exp lamps from the donator zone shop. This will lead to a failed system as it would be used to skip the crappy skills. Anyways, this is just a rough outline, but you get the general idea of what I mean! Leave your thoughts below! Thanks, Chuck
  3. Looks great - can not emphasize how good of a change that Kraken one is for new players!
  4. Hey guys, I just want to preface this real quick by saying I am still brand new to this server - i only joined 2 days ago. With that being said, some of these suggestions could simply have solutions to them that I'm not aware of, so just keep that in mind. Suggestions Make entry level PvM more doable - What I mean by this, is that it is fairly difficult to get into bossing when you're new. All the bosses health is scaled assuming you have end game gear, mainly Tbow, scythe, and sang. For example, Bandos is the staple intro level boss in almost any server, it's where people first go to get their account rolling. On this server, Bandos' health is nearly doubled, when most people that are interested in bandos are still rocking barrows with whip and dfs! This leads to new players being turned off, with difficulty and kill times drastically increased. No new player wants to sit at bandos for months to afford their first twisted bow! Possible solutions - There's two ways to go about this. The first option ,which is simpler, is to just reduce the health of early bosses. This would be GWD, Mole, Zulrah, Dag Kings, Kraken, etc. This solution, imo, is not the ideal one, because of many bosses on this server having "extra" drops on their table, such as Magma Blowpipe from Zulrah. Solution 2 - Make all instanced bosses an "elite" version of the fight. The elite version of the fight would be what it is now. High health bosses, with good drops, and many customs in their drop table. The "normal" version of the fight would be what most people expect to see on a RSPS, with drop rates similar to OSRS, and no custom items to maintain the value of those items. This solution, in my opinion again, is the superior option despite the amount of work it would take to allow new players to get into the game at a good pace, but also keep end-game players occupied. Stop opening the forums when you log out - This one is just downright annoying, but like I said previously, there could be an option that I'm not aware of. Possible solutions - While we do want the forums to be an active part of our community, this intrusive way of doing it is simply not the ideal choice. Either disable it, or implement an option to disable it, and give people an actual reason to come to the forums regularly! Maintain settings from logging in and out - Some settings do not save when you close and re-open the client, such as left-clicking NPC enemies despite combat level. Make the server generally easier to understand for newer players - This server is great, it's unique, and has lots of custom things that no other servers have, but when all these features and stuff become a chore to new players, it's a bad look, and it'll turn them away. Some examples by this are the whole entirety of the magic well, the loot boxes, and how some of the custom made armors and weapons perform. Possible solutions - While there are guides out there explaining some of this stuff, they are very hard to find on the forums, and some of the stuff isn't included in it . There NEEDS to be a guide on all the unique custom stuff on this server that is pinned, and easily accessible to new and old players. This can clear a LOT of confusion up and can relieve some of the burden on staff members in game from constantly being asked "what's in this box's loot? or "what's a tekton" . If I knew all of this information I would gladly write this guide myself, but like I said, I'm new, and I'm still learning this all out myself! Compile a list of useless examines and actually make them useful - This is kind of included with my previous suggestion, but some of the items can be confusing that you come across for your first time. For example, the magic knife. When you examine it, it doesn't give you any information. Possible solutions - Make an examine give some more info, for example, the magic knife examine should say "Combine this with a green banana for the magic chest!" Add more commands to help the players out - Some simple commands can really help the playerbase a long way, by allowing easier access of knowledge to newer and older players. Possible solutions - More commands! A simple ::pc ____ command to view the average PoS price of an item helps a ton. An ::unnull command to break you out of nulls that can only be used once every hour to help prevent abusing of it, and hell, even an announcement that says " not sure of the commands? Type ::commands to see all commands!" I literally just found out this was a thing while writing this post!! With all of this being said, the server is still a great one, but some of these simple QoL changes can really go a long way. Like I said, I'm still new so take all of this with a grain of salt! Please, let me know what you guys think below! Have a nice day, Chuck
  5. Sup guys, just got 99 summoning for steel titan for some bandos, only to find out the scrolls can't be made and they are 5 MILLION GP EACH!! This is a bit ridiculous considering it isn't the "end-game familiar" on Simplicity. This price would definitely be justifiable if steel titan was the go-to end game familiar because of the amount of gold floating around the server, but considering there's those familiars that allow you to soul split, its not the situation . The reason this is so flawed is because the people that use steel titan, generally, are new to the game, or haven't done a lot of bossing, so therefore don't have a lot of money, and it is a good familiar to use until you do get to the soul split familiars. My suggestion : Allow us to create these scrolls, or drop the price to like 50-100k each, 5m is absurd. Remember guys, this is NOT an end-game item, so it should NOT be that expensive to use!!
  6. yep haha ive only played about 2 hours! cya around!
  7. Sup guys, I'm Chuckle. Just started playing today, was looking for a hybrid pre-eoc server that didnt have a toxic community and here I am! Currently in school for IT and Networking stuff! Currently a cook in the meantime. Been playing RS since I was about 7, got back into it a few months back but don't got the free time for that, so private servers it is! If ya'll see me in game hit me up, always down to talk, or pvm, but if you ask me to do PvP i'll block ya.
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