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  1. Serious answer for the devs to fix it: When you kill hydra (hits 0 hp), and leave before the animation is finished. Once the animation finishes, you receive a time and a kc. However when you leave abruptly on just the death it registers weirdly. I'm guessing it was just a overflow of the data type holding the time.
  2. Dangit, 2 mins off. Oh this is time traveler King Twix now
  3. It took a while, but still not at 500k loyalty points 😕
  4. Disagree. The POS is a convenient way to sell items, and tax is a much needed gold sink for this weird economy. If one does not want to pay the tax, PM the player for a private sale. A lower percent is feasible, or a flat rate tax (or even only a percent above x price), but i believe the gold sink is a much needed addition. Wealth should not be randomly redistributed when so much is brought back in to the economy every day.
  5. 83.94 years, or 30639.69 days or 735352.53 hours
  6. I don't see many bosses you can afk with just a cannon though. Sure, lavas, but cannoning isn't too afk to begin with and if it is your only damage source... yeah, good luck.
  7. I like this idea. There was a cannon ornament kit in RS3 (Pre-EOC? cant remember), that can work similarly. Make it gold or something too
  8. Thanks! I wish, i picked up music production and programming and my passion for graphic design faded after. I may contemplate getting back into GFX, but its not a priority for me currently. Thanks! It won me a competition back in like 2015.
  9. I like this idea. A good money sink is well needed. Perhaps even increasing the well to hold more than the <2b it currently holds and offering more rewards.Drop party at 100b in the well?
  10. Not sure which source we use, but shouldnt a ::preset command be easier than a bank booth to add?
  11. ::preset X would be a baller function too
  12. I think a good alternative is where the minions dont spawn until the previous had been killed. in the real inferno, you dont get stacked. You gotta juggle jads and all, but it is more managable then hoping to tank 20 things. +1 on everything else though
  13. Back when i first got into RSPS, I taught myself how to program and do graphic design. Haven't done graphics in years, but just stumbled upon these in my PC. Thought i'd share. Used to be decent, won a few SOTM/W, made a few dollars on various forums. Fun times, 2013-2016.
  14. Not a huge fan of the new bank interface positioning. It seems weirdly far left. Also the special attack orb does not appear to me on the re-sizable client, for some reason. Also seems the Teleport menu on re-sizable is no longer there.


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