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  1. Okay Iron you can stop flexing now Nah but well done maybe you should make a video guide on how to do it for the newer players.
  2. Greater the risk greater the reward. No support sorry.
  3. Appreciate the effort my friend! Well done it should be pinned.
  4. First time getting a max cape on any private server
  5. Support there is literally no point to do slayer atm.
  6. Welcome to the server, enjoy your stay.
  7. Welcome & enjoy your stay.
  8. During this screenshot I'm getting clrd in duel, nice rebuild though.
  9. Good updates! Keep up the good work boys.
  10. Good stuff bro keep it up!
  11. Congrats on the comp cape my friend gl with everything else
  12. Bye

    Sad to see you go mate.
  13. Welcome mate enjoy your stay
  14. Hi

    Cheers boys good to be here. already enjoying the server.