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  1. Hey mate welcome to the server enjoy your stay!
  2. Owner Arthur & Supreme - Collectivly together, with the image they imagined to the work they put in to get simplicity to where it is today is very respectable, I have had the pleasure now to know both of them for a couple years. They are both great owners that do alot behind the scenes and that has shown with the sucsess of the server. Kevin - Kempa my overwatch duo ez wins mate, no on a real note though Kev and I have gone through a lot with each other. I can easily say he is the most caring/forgiving staff/mate that you can have. The amount of hours he has put into the server from being a player to mod to owner, he has gone through every trial and tribulation that the server has had to face and come through stronger then before. He is very caring, observant and fair. Management Foly - Foly Huck aka mr forums, Foly is a great and fair dude. He has always impressed me with his staffing abilities and I am happy to come back and see him in the position he is in cause it is well deserved, I am sure he does alot for the server from beta testing to writing update threads and just generally insuring the players and staff team are happy very good job. Donation Manager Jor - No comment Luke - Luke is a very nice and welcoming person, on the first day of me coming back he treated me with respect and like he has known me forever. Keep up the good work mate Drogo - No comment Head Administrator Rapiid ags - Rapiid is a long time staff member, being on the same team with him I can say he is consistent and always willing to help out. A good assett to have on the staff team. Kattrockbell - I was not on the same staff team as Katt however I have known here for a very long time, since coming back I have noticed that she is very active and helpful and is always yelling to vote etc,, keep up the good work. Sezy - Mr Wiki, Sezy is a great staff member he has done alot for the server that goes unnoticied. Sezy is always willing to help out and have a chat and has shown that he cares for the server, Ideal global admin to have on the team that has good leadership. Administrator Dro - Mr Dro our longest serving staff member, good guy but I have not seen him since coming back. AK 47 - Good guy that helps out a lot and is very fun to talk to other then that I cannot give much feedback. Charmie - In my opinion charmie is the staff of the month, puts in the long hours always helping and always down to have a chat. Goes above and beyound to ensure a players needs are met even going to the extent of carrying them in raids aka me Pixie Joe - Tied in with Charmie Pixie is a great assett to the staff team, she is very caring and helpful. Ntho skiller - Helped me out when I first came back and also listened to a couple of my suggestions, good staff member. Head Moderator Couvee Jr - Can't say much as I have not really seen much but did help me a little. Rob Macabre - Very good staff member, took the time to help me when I came back and showed me himself every single easter egg spot. Good staff that cares for the players and server defo see him going far in the future. Sleepinwmy9 - No comment R M B T - Very welcoming and helpful, active in help cc as well Moderator Xelta - I was on the same staff team as xelta when I had my first run here during that period he did great was active and helpful, however I have not seen him in-game yet may be due to timezones. However I know what he is capable off. Sammyk & Kreativis - I see them in-game here and there not much comment on them two. Forum Moderator Ntho skiller & Sammyk - Keep up the good work on forums! Server Support Big wewestew - Haven't seen Stew in-game yet however I know what he is capable of have known him for over 3 years now very nice guy. Trial Support Jonnie - Only seen him in-game once but was helpful and nice. Ozgen - Ozgen is a very good staff member he has all the traits needed to go very far. He is active, vocal and asks questions when he does not understand something keep up the good work mate. Whip2ags - No comment
  3. Nice event lad gl to all who participate!
  4. Bernard


    Thanks for the warm welcome lads! Appreciate y'all
  5. Bernard


    Hey everyone Bernard here, Alot of you older members might remember me I used to be staff manager I stopped playing for a year but now I am back. For those that do not know me I am 23 (just turned 23 today xD) From Australia I really like forums so you will prob be seeing me posting a lot. I also frequent the discord so always down for a chat pop in and say hi. Exicted to see new faces around and also all the old ones. In-game name is secret
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