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  1. Yeah I think this should be added, lets the higher up see what & how they staff is doing and lets the staff improve.
  2. Weclome to Simplicity mate enjoy your stay!
  3. My turn to win boyss
  4. Why isn't it? Why would we need a eco reset in the middle of the server growing that's completely stupid.
  5. Stupid idea lol
  6. Loving the Hydra addition, nice updates mate.
  7. Nice updates, gl on the sapphire boxes and can't wait for hydra.
  8. I have already seen you a couple times ingame but welcome mate
  9. Nice guide, shit music <3
  10. Congrats on achieving no life boy, jokes nice bro I like your dedication to the game.
  11. Couple of much needed fixes well done keep it up.
  12. I seen him but I didn't record it haha lucky I didn't cop those oaks against me
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZgDcABPsmo&feature=youtu.be