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  1. Promotions: @ Nate formally known as Eboy111 has been promoted to administrator, he has put immense amount of work behind the scenes and it has not gone unnoticied. @ noki has been re promoted to server support, welcome back to the team mate! @ Dpowerhouse has passed his trial phase and is now a full fledged support, good work mate!
  2. Update 3: 8k down 2k to go time to grind out these last 2k kills
  3. No lie that's honestly insane I die in max gear F
  4. Bernard

    POS changes

    Yeah both ideas wouldn't be too bad to add.
  5. Nice little insight there your job sounds lit lul.
  6. We currently have 6 ffa styles they are, DDs only, Dharok, Zerker, Pure, Ranged, Torva.
  7. Hey all so we have decided we will be adding more ffa pking set ups, I am making this post to gather as much suggestions of set ups as possible so I can forward it to the development team. A example of a set up can be like a hybrid set or a different range set up. In order to make it easier please equip the items you would like in the set up and the inventory setup and take a screenshot of both. Examples of equipment tab: Examples of inventory tab:
  8. Welcome Xelta I have spoken to you in-game a couple of times already, enjoy your stay.
  9. Welcome to the forums Alb dikn, you are cool but not the coolest I am the coolest noob dikn. ❤️
  10. Hi Fishy, I have seen you in-game a couple of times but welcome to the forums mate.
  11. Update 2 : 7k down 3k to go not long left.
  12. Promotion + Name Change: @ Blitz formally known as Liquid, has been promoted to moderator. @ Alb has been promoted to trial support! @ Maxime has been promoted to trial support!
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