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  1. Nice update, good addition to the completionist players!
  2. Welcome to the offical simplicity staff team feedback thread. We strive to ensure every player is well looked after & satisfied with the work put in by the staff team, we have created this thread in order to hear the opinions and revice feedback from our community on how to improve. We won't accept feedback such as' ''yeah he is cool or good guy''. We want feedback that will help us improve as a team. Owner Arthur Supreme Co-Owner Kevin Manager Dutch Lewis Global Administrator Justin Administrator Khalid Athos Mak3 Global Moderator Bigzy Rapiid ags Moderator Shiftynex Server Support Nealth Bernard Trial Support Forum Manager - Forum Moderator -
  3. Bernard

    A new location to get cleaned at yay.
  4. Bernard

    There is already a trusted middleman rank
  5. Bernard

    Nice work Sam some of these sigs are very familiar from old servers brings back memories +1
  6. Bernard

    Nice updates boys! Keep up the good work.
  7. Bernard

    Ayee Sean, good to see you here homie hit me up ingame bro imma hook you up.
  8. Bernard

    Fred ma boii <3 welcome bby
  9. Bernard

    Crystal gang, good set of updates
  10. Bernard

    Great updates keep them coming <3
  11. Bernard

    Welcome mate enjoy your stay.
  12. Bernard

    All i'm asking for is one more chance. I won't do anything stupid I spent way too long trying to redeem myself to fuck up again.
  13. Bernard

    Name : Bernard Punishment: Gamble ban Yo so I am appealing my gamble ban, I was in the wrong and fucked up scamming a player, it's been over a month or so since I have been gamble banned, I have been behaving also I have shown I can still be trusted. Below is a link to some of the pots I have middle manned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndVecQnq_0A I known I got a tainted past due to gambling but I feel like I have gone past that stage of getting salty over pixels I hope I have one more chance. Cheers
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