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  1. Damn @ Sleepinwmy9 never expected you to resign rip also rip @ Maxime
  2. Congratulations on the promotions! Sucks to see you go so early @ Bodhi .
  3. Congratulations boys especially @ Charmie well deserved.
  4. Thank you for all the memories simp gang, was fun while it lasted. I will still be around in-game/discord from time to time so don't be afriad to leave a messege ❤️
  5. Took you like 3 hours to open them all lul. +1 for the effort 6 bunny ears & 5 basket of eggs outta 10k feels bad man.
  6. The amount of time it would have taken to gather all this and put it into a guide must of been a lot. Excellent guide Spud well done.
  7. A very solid suggestion, I like the idea and the effort you have put into making the suggestion.
  8. Congratulations @ Alb first event was a sucsess many more to come.
  9. Congratulations to the trial supports on passing their phase, they will do well as server supports.
  10. Promotions: @ shiftynex has been re-promoted to global administrator after sorting out current issues, he will be a great help & advisor to the NA/EU staff. @ Skovos has been promoted to trial support, he has shown great dedication and willingness to move forward.
  11. Promotions: Please welcome @ Bodhi as our newest forums manager, he will be assisting Kevin & Foly with the forums and bringing new ideas to the community. @ Riv has passed his trial phase and is now a server support.
  12. Resignations: @ Gnik has decided to step down from his server support role, we wish him the best of luck for the future.
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