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  1. half way there bud, doing great so far and still maybe a lot more drops to come lets just hope one of them is an orb or fire rofl, but its a pleasure to be working alongside you helping you to achieve this goal and I will do so until you've completed it hmu whenever I'm online ingame and ill duo with you and as for the driest person doing raids well I couldn't agree more lol.
  2. I agree with xelta and liquids on the (iron man suits) as to each iron man already have their own armour when they first start off as a new iron man, gim, or hcim so im not entirely sure that the suit would work out too well with there already being armour for irons. unless this suit brings some kinda benefit maybe but I cannot see it being added but good suggestion and with the amulet of ranging I agree maybe there could be an amulet of ranging (e) or (x) like you stated for new players that cannot afford an anguish right off the bat, Goodluck .
  3. Just some suggestions: 1.what about adding some boss leader boards showing like the top (1-10) people for that certain boss e.g olm, vorkath, hydra and so on. 2. possibly buff the dr for different donor ranks aswell because found out only get 10% extra dr when crystal rank and that's 8k donor status imo think emerald+ deserver more dr than what they get, again just a suggestion highly expecting this one to get ignored but worth a try. 3. maybe add emerald zone and ruby zone aswell because there really isn't much difference between sapphire donor emerald donor and ruby donor apart from the weps and a little bit more, again just a suggestion.
  4. God Of Rng


    I have been playing the server for about 3 days now and only just noticed on zulrahs drop table he/she doesn't drop the "pet snakeling" which I am pretty disappointed about as it is one of my favourite rs/rsps pets. just suggestion for the pet to be added into the game :) much appreciated.
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