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  1. the biggest part is the time, with the bosses having such low drop rates. taking AGES to kill with a mbp it just feels illogical for the players who cant do the cow event due to real life circumstance. It is a bit of a struggle. Please notice it and help the new players!
  2. Good afternoon Simps. So I have been playing for about a week and I have a few suggestions that might make the community a little happier. Starting the server was super simple and I felt welcomed and helped by all players. But in my journey I have came to realize the struggles of a new player. I followed my fellow Simps and maxed my account first. Now when it comes to bossing. You have really 2 options grab a blowpipe after you have voted and work your way up into some armadyl gear and camp at lavas until you can get 4b for a mamga blowpipe. Then you can try your luck at Zurlah. Everything else takes ages to kill with a simple setup. Im not interested in making the server "easier". But i would suggest there be a stepping stone between Magma blowpipe and the Twisted Bow/Scythe stage of the game. Most bosses takes awhile to kill unless you have 50b or 90-100b for the higher end weapons. Maybe add that the Vorkath whip double hits. Or add a weapon that is not as strong as the higher ends but is cheap enough for players to build up to endgame instead of struggling until you get there. With out donating or having extreme luck at cows. It is a very slow process. Just a few insights from a new player. Thanks for Listening :D
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