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  1. Thanks, I just feel that ironman don't really have any use for cash and I wanted just a shop where we can buy stuff for extremely high price and roll it for better gear.
  2. Owner Arthur - Haven't meet yet. Supreme - Haven't meet yet. Kevin - Genuine owner reply's quickly and loves to help. Honesty one of the most talkative owners i've ever seen. Staff Manager Justin - Haven't meet yet. Bernard - He is very nice well mannered and respectful when helping and is a nice guy. Manager Lewis - Doesn't mind answering pms and doesn't seem to get frustrated at all when I pm him often for help very good manager. Athos - Haven't meet him yet. Global Administrator Shiftynex - Haven't meet him yet. Administrator Dro - Great person and helped me has soon as I needed it. Dutch - Answers pms in a timely manner and doesn't ignore. Foly - Only spoken to a few times but seems like a good staff member. Heroic - Spoke with him a lot, we have had a few good laughs over my misfortunes lol great staff member. Minh - Seems like a good staff member from the times I have spoken to them. Mak3 - Haven't really spoken to them. Rapiid ags - Haven't meet them yet. Global Moderator Eboy111 - Seems to be a ok staff member haven't really spoken to them much can't really say much on this. Moderator Spud - Haven't meet them yet. Liquids - Haven't really spoken to them. Gregorovic - Haven't really spoken to them yet. Server Support Bbno - Willing to hep asap, when i wanted to do void he offered to run me threw it when I needed to do it also answers questions really frequently. Liquid - Haven't meet them yet. Trial Support Pink Boots - Haven't meet them yet. Tin - Haven't meet them yet. Gucci Pug - seems good I believe would make a great support answer question in a quick and professional manner and loves to help in my opinion from my experience with them. Forum Manager - Forum Moderator -
  3. Thanks for the reply I completely understand not adding the boxes I just feel that we has ironmen need a money sink where we can earn cash to buy better gear in we feel down that bosses are not dropping the item we need.
  4. Hello Simplicity Community. I am here to offer a suggestion for the game, I understand that it might not look great or sound good but its worth trying I suppose. What I suggest is a shop that ironmen/hcim can buy items for example: A shop like this but without the boxes, torva, and other gear. It can be highly priced since all we need to do is camp ::lava with protect melee and we can farm 30m+ a run. So I would suggest something like 1b+ for the bandos 500m+ for the statius and vesta for the simple fact its degradeable and would be good tank gear if you plan to boss and try to make more cash. But I feel like this would benefit the hcim cause atm if we are like low on cash or can't get good gear we need to rely on gear we have like elite void. I feel with this shop in place we could buy bandos chest for example: 2,000,000,000 and tessets be 1,500,000,000 then we can either keep it for tank gear or roll it into the magic well and try to upgrade the gear into a better piece. Examples of this here: https://simplicityps.org/community/index.php?/topic/210-magic-well-items-and-chances/ We turn bandos into torva, torva into justiciar, and justiciar into sacred. With this shop it would take a long time to upgrade into the best armour but it would give us something to look forward to and to work towards while earning cash pvming. If you want to keep the boxes make them worth 5b-10b+ or something cause I am not sure how the cash function works you can but please take into consideration of this suggestion, if you feel its not worth it I completely understand if you feel it should be added then thanks for the support. Thanks for reading my suggestion! have a great day and hope you all enjoy the server! From the one and only Beastman.


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