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  1. Congrats to my boy @ Skovos Keep it up man and earn that next rank. @ Fatgolemnutz Welcome to the team, charmie is an excellent resource. If you have any questions be sure to ask them. As for me stepping down, it was fun. Unfortunately gotta deal with irl stuff.
  2. Gz, and welcome to the club man. Pm me in game or discord if you need any help ❤️
  3. Very sad to see @ Sleepinwmy9 leave. Wish you both the best of luck on whatever journey comes next ❤️
  4. Appreciate the opportunity and the promotion. Thanks everyone ❤️
  5. I dont like the idea of bringing op items into wildy.
  6. Yeah, its a pretty shitty one to get to be fair. Comes with negative drop rate bonus.
  7. My goal is the become the next pet-collector master. Next one my list is a wildy Charmie.
  8. gz! Much deserved promotions! especially my boy @ Charmie ! Keep it up boys!
  9. Sezy


    Sounds interesting! My only thing i dont like is the fact that it is zero risk, and rewards. i think if we put in some kind of buy in, it would be nice.
  10. Gj skovos! keep it up man, killing it. Welcome back cody ❤️ Still sad about nate leaving 💔
  11. Really love the structure behind this! Can tell you put in a lot of effort into this! Good job man, cant wait for your next guide!
  12. Welcome back @ shiftynex Much deserved @ Skovos welcome to the team!
  13. Good post! Looks good and its straight to the point! Good Job!
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