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  1. Sezy

    Crafting Guide

    Really love the structure behind this! Can tell you put in a lot of effort into this! Good job man, cant wait for your next guide!
  2. Welcome back @ shiftynex Much deserved @ Skovos welcome to the team!
  3. Sezy

    Vote Guide

    Good post! Looks good and its straight to the point! Good Job!
  4. @ Big_orsey donation managers are kevin, dutch, parker, lewis, and lexi.
  5. Thanks for the promotion ❤️ will keep the grind going. also huge congrats to @ Sleepinwmy9 well deserved promotion. @gnik already making steps in right direction, cant wait to see the progression in the future.
  6. Welcome brother! Glad to see you are on the server! Whats your rate if i may ask? I am also in the USN, feel free to pm me if you need help brother.
  7. Sezy

    Craft-able items

    Hydra's Cape Deadmans Cape + Hydras Eye Corporeal Beast Cape Stone Tablet + Graceful cape (blue) Vorkath Cape Stuffed Vorkath Head + graceful cape (green) Raids Mythical Cape + Cryan Crystal Ice twisted Bow Twisted Bow + Light Twisted Bow + Orb of Ice + Unstrung Ice Bow Light Twisted Bow Twisted Bow + Fire Twisted Bow + Orb of Light Fire Twisted Bow Twisted Bow + Tome of Fire + Olms Fire Flame Gloves (e) Flames glove + Fire of Nourishment
  8. Congrats to both, both of yall deserve it ❤️
  9. Sezy

    Solo Tob

    Hello, once again, I have seen people upset about how verzik is "impossible". Unfortunately this boss is really hard to solo, due to the high chance of being 1 shotted. My advice for gear set up You can do it with any range gear. Currently recommend using any range armour that boosts hp. Pernix Sagittarian Light Sagittarian Hand cannon x is a must for a solo. Before walking in I recommend eating rocktails until 182 hp. This will help out for dpsing while doing verzik in phase 1. Inventory There are three parts of Verzik. Phase 1. Normally you would use the pillars to hide from verziks auto attacks. However, with hand cannon x and soul split, you can literally just sit an auto away while sipping brews. The goal is to have over 110 hp before verzik attacks you. Otherwise there is a good chance you will die to a one shot. Venging does nothing at this stage, so might as well not waste your time. Phase 2. Verzik will move to the middle of the room, and she has a 5 attack pattern. At this point, you wanna start venging whenever possible to deal as much Damage per second as possible, while dodging verziks attacks. 1. Mushroom bomb- just take one step or more to avoid damage 2. same as above 3. Purple mage attack - pray mage can avoid some damage. wouldn't recommend starting off. 4. same as above 5. same as above She will then spawn spiders. 4 green, 2 purple For the green ones, dont step on them or else you will take a lot of dmg. For the purple ones, they will run to verzik to heal her. Phase 3. Verzik will ditch the swing and become a spider. This is the most dangerous phase, and most likely you will fail. SWITCH TO PROTECT FROM MAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is important to move over getting hit in this phase, as it is very possible to be 1 shotted. With this being said, having protection from mage will boost your chance of living by a lot. Throw that bad boy up and just run that map like no tomorrow. Video guide on showing how to do it at 8x speed. My_Video2.mp4
  10. Congrats, really deserving ❤️
  11. I think thats the overall plan, however, most capes dont have their perks added. definetly would want to be able to toggle rol telep
  12. Sezy


    Can you give some ideas?
  13. I think there would be better ways of incorporating cash into the game while creating an item sink.
  14. Grats @ Alb and @ Maxime both really deserved upgrades ❤️ Keep up the good job
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