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  1. Arthur i have never talked to him but seen him sounds nice Supreme never met Kevin verry helpful and freindly jokes around a lot Staff Manager Bernard verry good guy will help with almoste anything Lewis never met Manager Athos only spoken to a couple times seems cool Global Administrator minh seems like a cool guy Nate never talked to Administrator Alb never met Dro never met Dutch great guy allways answering questions and has great goodies Foly never met Rapiid ags only seen him in group chat seems cool Global Moderator Spud greate guy buys my clues Blitz never met Maxime never met Moderator Tinnepockets never met Sezy great guy verry helful Noki never met him Server Support Stormz great guy will help with everything Xelta good guy helps a lot Charmie helps in cc a lot Hiddenblade9 grate guy helps alot Trial Support Swe Monkey helps in cc a lot answears all the questions Lu77ck he is helpfull
  2. i have not met the owners besides kevin and he is a great guy he helps all the time almost allways on and if he is not the bernard or spud or somone is i do think that the help cc gets a little jumbled up but there are a lot of people on there maybe have anouther cc for selling stuff and not do it in help cc but other then that greate staff greate game


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