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  1. Fair point do you think "A ruby box is 8K points, we can add a $50 scroll for 10K points." is too much then? If so what about just adding $10 and $20 ?
  2. Hello, Since I have been playing simplicity I have found it very hard to earn donor rank and it can be discouraging hence, I would like to propose that we add $ scrolls to the boss points shop. This would mean that we don't have to spend out hard earned points on a chance to get scrolls from boxes however, the scrolls should not be cheaper than the boxes themselves as it should still leave the option to spend lower points on a chance with boxes or to spend more points on a guaranteed scroll. For example: A sapphire box is 3K points, we can add a $10 scroll for 4K points. A emerald box is 5K points, we can add a $20 scroll for 6K points. A ruby box is 8K points, we can add a $50 scroll for 10K points. Doing this would mean it can be easier to get a better donor rank through playing and could lay the foundations to add more ranks in the future. Thank You
  3. Sounds like a great idea! I think that it should be 2 because 1 sounds more like what tekton does already.
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