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  1. I would like to see option #1. I second the fact that a lot of newer players never see the warmongers drop, adding a increased top damage spots would be a significant boost alone. In regards to tweaking the drop table that could be a decent change for sure, maybe not too much of a tweak, still need the grind potential. (don't want it to be too easy loots) Overall awesome idea and thoughts. loving it ❤️
  2. Could possibly add a timer to the 60 second cool down of the alter. would make good use of it for knowing when you can rejuvenate. (Example: Inferno speed kills.)
  3. one of if not the dumbest idea i have seen yet. its not going to "help the community" it is going to make the pos become less active and or make them sell for higher price to null the taxes cost. -1 for who thought of this.
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