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  1. Owner Arthur - Clear to see he is a very hardworking caring owner, keeps the server in good shape and is friendly to his players. Also i slapped him in that tourny. One of the better rsps owners that I have met Supreme - N/A yet Kevin - Quite frankly I like his attitude. Kevin doesn't take any shit, he is an owner and acts like it. On the flipside though he is really chill as long as you behave yourself. Kevin is a vibe. Staff Manager Justin - N/A yet. Bernard - Possibly one of the more caring staff members I've had the pleasure of meeting in my 12 years of playing rsps. It's very obvious he cares a lot about the community and works hard to keep the playerbase's morale up. Constantly does events etc to keep things exciting, which is very appreciated. He comes off as really friendly imo, which is great for new players. Manager Lewis - N/A yet Athos N/A yet. Global Administrator Shiftynex - The little bit of interaction I shared with shifty was a very pleasant one. Great sense of humor and isn't afraid to just sit back and chill with a couple noobs, which I think is a staple of a staff member who cares about the players. Administrator Dro - NA Dutch - NA Foly - NA Heroic - NA Minh - NA Mak3 - (insert clown emoji) Rapiid ags - I kind of remember rapiid from back in the day when i used to play, i would offer feedback based on that but people change and i haven't yet interacted with him since joining back. Global Moderator Eboy111 - NA Moderator Blitz - NA Spud - NA Liquids - Very professional, kind of seems like he plays TO be staff. Server Support Bbno - NA Trial Support Augsto31 - NA Dpowerhouse - Invested in the community, seems like just another player yet is very helpful when needed. Pink Boots - NA Tin - NA Gucci Pug - NA


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