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  1. Sad to see so many staff go, Goodluck to Rabe though. He was a good guy and I wish him all the best!
  2. I like this feature, and perhaps if this creates too much spam people can toggle it off.
  3. Did not expect @ Sleepinwmy9 to resign, but some things do come to an end. rip both
  4. I want to thank everyone for the amazing time but this is the end for me.
  5. I am sad to see many people go, but I wish them all the best in the future. congrats to Nate and Sezy, I am sure they will fit perfectly into their new roles!
  6. Thank you for this oppurtunity, I am looking forward to host some events for you guys! Let's get the summer started! Don't forget to join our current event!
  7. Leave your vote! And let the devs do the rest ❤️
  8. Alb


    Skilling boss
  9. gl dikn, share loot i tbed
  10. Owner Arthur: Haven't really spoken to him ingame, but in the staff discord chat he is very keen to listen to all the suggestion we have! Supreme: haven't talked to supreme yet, but I can imagine he is a chill working guy. Kevin: probably the best or one of the best owners i've seen on an rsps in a while, gets involved with the community and gives everyone a fair chance at the game. Staff Manager Justin : Haven't really talked to justin as of yet, probably due to different timezones. Bernard: Bernard is one of the chillest, if not chillest staff members i've seen around. Always kind to help me out when I have questions regarding being just a staff or a regular player. Manager Lewis: Lewis is always there if there is a problem, he manages the server very well and gives feedback where needed as he should. Athos : Probably the chillest guy on the staff team to be honest, a true supah spy dikn. Global Administrator Shiftynex : A very helpful head admin who guides me where needs to be. Administrator Dro : haven't spoken with (different time zones) Dutch : awesome dude and helps me when needed Foly : aaaaa foly dikn, great admin and also a great dikn out there. helps when needed, active and gets involved with the players all the time! Heroic: An awesome friend and an amazing admin, nothing else needs to be said. Nate : Nate is like a mentor to me, always guiding me when i'm online. it's good to have him and I'm glad he got promoted to an admin! Well deserved! Minh: Haven't spoken much to Minh but when I do he is very friendly Rapiid ags : I've had contact with rapid just recently and all I can say is; he is a nice guy Global Moderator Moderator Blitz : Blitz is an awesome moderator. Kind, friendly and active. Spud : haven't had much contact with Spud due to the timezones. Liquids : Not a lot of contact between me and liquids, but I can imagine he is an awesome guy. Server Support Bbno : a good server support, really shows how hard he is working. Dpowerhouse : just recently passed his trial support, and I do agree he earned this spot 100% always helping out and getting involved with the community. Noki : I haven't spoken yet to noki cause I am very new to the staff team, but everyone kinda loves him so I should too? Trial Support Now with the trial supports, I haven't had any chance to speak to them yet, except for Maxime. Augsto31 : no contact yet Tin : no contact yet Gucci Pug : little to no contact yet Maxime : Maxime is not only my best friend in real life, but also an amazing team player in the staff team. Helps where needed and keeps the humour in the staff chat aswell. I just can't imagine how fast he could grow as a staff player. Keep it up dikn
  11. Well done on the update, shows again how hard our devs are working and also shows that they listen to us the players!


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