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  1. +1, would definitely make PvMing more competitive for those who care about KC if there's a boss leaderboard.
  2. 100k Dawns I'm not going to make it complicated so lets get straight to the point ! After seeing Bernard & Dpowerhouse (and other people) their insane PvM goals I've decided to challenge myself and I will be killing 100k Dawns from the Crystal Donator Zone ($8 000). Why Dawns? Because I want to see how much money I can make from them and show that IF you want to make bank, you have to GO for it!! Since I'm too lazy to do something like TOB I'm sticking with Dawns, but 100k of them lol. How this thread will work: I will be updating this thread ~5000 kills to keep it more accurate (and not spam the post) for those who are interested. Bank tab screenshot Money pouch screenshot Boss points screenshot (2 per Dawn) Kill count screenshot I will be killing the Dawns with: + superior pet I'm not going to include the entire Dawn drop table so check it out yourself in-game with ::finddrop dawn This post could also give you an idea to see for yourself if Crystal Donator Rank is worth it
  3. Hey, welcome to Simplicity forums I can kinda agree with the current benefits page that it's not the best way to compare the different type of donator ranks we have even though it's easy to read. The picture you posted is easy to read which is ideal to compare. if this post gets a lot of attention, you may be able to make a more detailed overview for newer players Personally I like this idea a lot and give you a +1
  4. My name is Maxime and I recently came back to rsps's, this is the first server I've been playing in a while and I love the community...! I'm 20 years old and have been playing Runescape since i was 10 with @ Alb . Also a big fan of music, (e)sports & having a good time with people. See you ingame! aaaaaaa dikn
  5. +1. thanks for sharing this great suggestion! I am waiting for this before i will make my own HCIM and grind it together with my main.
  6. +1, big fan of #1 and #3. Normal pets shouldn't give extra drop rate though as @ Alb mentioned in his reply but I like the idea about the well!
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