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  1. Did it.. twice. Once on my pure, and then again on an account I created specifically for it. 75 combat
  2. I think master capes should have another bonus for their respective skill, like mining 2x ores or cutting logs 50% faster or something along those lines.
  3. I think everybody can agree that the way capes are ingame right now, is ridiculous. Infernal Cape alone has better stats than Completionist Cape, AND Infernal Max Cape, which can be created by buying and using an Infernal Eel from the donation store 2. I believe in strength, the capes should go in this order. Completionist Cape (Believe Infernal/Completionist should be combined together to make Infernal Completionist Cape) Infernal Max Cape Infernal Cape Max Cape Tokhaar-kal (Kiln) Fire cape I also believe that you should be able to combine the Infernal Cape with the Completionist cape, and Max Cape. IMO the Infernal Eel should be removed completely. I suggest is to give the Completionist and Max capes benefits. Right now they're just capes with stats. People have grinded hours and hours to get these things. The last thing I want to cover is the 2b exp capes. I think it's very unfair for them to be in a donation store. They're experience capes. People grind 2b experience, for what? Nothing now. They should be added to the Wise Old Man, but I'd cover more in another thread. I added a poll above to see what people agree with more.
  4. I agree 100%
  5. Support expect for the flameburst defender, demonic ags, and pk cape? There's a ton of capes ingame already
  6. This will be surely be fixed, but it's also 200 points because it's an Infernal Max Cape. How many other players do you see running around with that?
  7. Hi

    I remember the name :), glad to see ya. My name was Dead Tree
  8. Congratulations man
  9. Bad idea IMO. Rogue's Castle is designed to be IN the wilderness, hence the noted magic logs, flax, ores, etc. This would just become a gold mine for all of those items, and players would never leave. It would become the new AFK tree. No support from me
  10. Big supporter of all of these ideas.
  11. Very nice!
  12. Thanks a ton for this, answers a ton of questions. Great job
  13. Nice! Glad to see such a helpful community
  14. Hey, just a couple suggestions that I believe would benefit the server. Increase some boss drops. Most of the updates around pvm have been about big bosses like Vorkath and Raids. But if you look at boss tables such as Bork, Phoenix, Barrelchest, and Bandos Avatar all have okay rare drops, but the common drops are wack. Very frustrating to kill 100 Bork and constantly get gem drops (by themselves) or a black axe or something. Add skilling points ingame. Every time you chop a log, or catch a fish or anything like that, have it give 1-5 points depending on the level of what you're doing. Could have things like Runescape achievement diary armors in the shop, or maybe halos or things like that. Remove all afk trees in my opinion. All it does is help people get in trouble by wanting to have more than one account, and throws money ingame. Shooting star and evil tree are already fantastic ways to bring money into the game. Adding to removing trees above ^, you could also have a junk item smelter, where it has a 1/5 chance to give 150k. People could throw things from pvm or whatever that could potentially give them a profit. But nothing that would be sold from all of the stores already. I also think when you get a rare drop and it is announced on chat it should say the killcount also.
  15. This is pretty dope man, would be very cool to see it all colored in. Unfortunately out of the 280 (yeah I counted,) things on this list, 75 things aren't ingame. But still sick and hope you accomplish your goals