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  1. Adze was supposed to be in my WC guide by xp won't show up when doing WC for me so that got scrapped. And to me, the 1-99 is going without any boosts, except the ones available at lvl 1 in all skill (server x2, well, vote bonus).
  2. Sure thing.
  3. Post your guide requests here. I'll make some of them. Construction will be a very long guide so just lamp it. It'll be one of the last guides I do due to the sheer amount of information and the multiple routes.
  4. Thanks. Was a quick one.
  5. Firemaking is a pretty straightforward skill and one of the fastest 99s to get. XP Rates: Costs (gp): Level Requirements: Guide:
  6. Better Farming guide:
  7. Level Requirements: Costs (gp): XP rates: Guide: Grand Total Farmed: Cost Grand Total: IMPORTANT NOTES******** Good luck 99 hunting!