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  1. Adze was supposed to be in my WC guide by xp won't show up when doing WC for me so that got scrapped. And to me, the 1-99 is going without any boosts, except the ones available at lvl 1 in all skill (server x2, well, vote bonus).
  2. Firemaking Guide Click on the firemaking skill to start Talk to Ignatius Vulcan for logs/tinderbox Level Requirements: Logs - 1 Oak - 15 Willow - 30 Maple - 45 Evil Kingling (From evil tree, ::tree in-game) Yew - 60 Magic - 75 Guide: You can go one of two routes: buy all your log and make fires or chop them down yourself and burn them. I highly suggest chopping them yourself as 99 Woodcutting is easy to get and can net some starter cash. Pretty simple - use a tinderbox on the highest level logs and can and you'll create a fire. Click the "Add to Fire" option when mousing over the fire and type in the amount you want to burn. This will burn that amount of logs in your inventory regardless if they're different types, level permitting, and will start with the first logs in your inventory and make its way to the last slot. If Donator (20$+) there is a fire just west of the ::di teleport that never runs out. Congratulations you're 99 Firemaking
  3. Level Requirements: Costs (gp): XP rates: Guide: Grand Total Farmed: Cost Grand Total: IMPORTANT NOTES******** Good luck 99 hunting!


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