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  1. Hello, sir. Never met ya, but congratz.
  2. Looks awesome do you still do GFX work?
  3. 100% agreed. Also, unlimited overload for crystal ranks. XD
  4. Good luck next is ankou right? Lool
  5. +1 more content the better and doesn't sound too difficult to implement.
  6. Yeah, dude I would be glad to help too. Hit me up.
  7. Good luck. Hopefully, your luck is better than mine.
  8. Alabama

    Nate Sig

    It would be kind of weird if I did. You would ban me for impersinating a staff member.
  9. Alabama

    Nate Sig

    Dam, I like this one the most so far of the ones you made besides mine of course. How long does it usually take to make one of these?
  10. Ey, Lu77ck is gonna redo all of the player bases's signatures. lets go!
  11. Sezy, are you the new boss staff member? lol
  12. @ Ace Hello, sir. Did you do your 4 hours yet!? Congratz. lol.
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