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  1. Hello guys just posting a link of my channel so it's easier for everyone to find it and join in my streams, I can just post the ::thread number so people can join straight from the server. Thanks again for all your support guys! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDA4kbZMKhDQn5gt79oawsQ
  2. Hello one and all as some of you know I'm a YouTuber who has been making videos for simplicity and live streaming my journey on my new group iron man account. I had a goal to hit 75 subscribers in the next few days but last night I hit that goal and hit 77 subscribers. I just wanted to thank each and every one of you guys for all the support you have given me in the past month I've gained over 47 new subscribers in this time period of making videos. I have a new goal set which will be to hit 100 subscribers in the next two weeks but I know with the help of you amazing people I'll hit that goal before the two weeks are up. If you want to help support me on my journey then go over to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDA4kbZMKhDQn5gt79oawsQ I thank you all again for the amazing support you have given me. I'll be live streaming mostly every night so make sure to hit the bell icon to get notified when I go live. I'll be hosting giveaways when given permission and I'm hoping to set up a little timetable with Kevin hopefully on set days where I can host giveaways then you guys then what days they will be on. Hope to see new faces in the streams. Thanks again
  3. Gone live again, here is the new link https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=g5PTo8Lh4mg
  4. Hello everyone I've decided to make a group iron man with my best friend Gravity! We set a goal of achieving 99 in all stats to gain max cape to be able to attack that legendary derwen. Follow us through the tough journey slaving away at skills and trying to earn the best in slot gear we can possibly find! I'll try and live stream as much as I can and I will keep updating this post with a new link to the stream every time so keep an eye out! Also please like and subscribe to the channel as your support is making my channel grow bigger day by day and I can't do it without you guys, spread the word out to everyone! now lets get grinding!
  5. Hey guys just a shitty video of me doing some garbage pking in the recent PK Tournament, massive shout out to Dutch & Gnik for hosting this. Also congratulations to the 3 winners of this tournament which is Spud 1st, Sleepinwmy9 2nd and Chris King 3rd. Well done guys. Enjoy the video and don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel, Trying to hit 100 subs in the next 2 weeks.
  6. AVP

    Only me AVP!

    I preferred to play basketball in the early ages of school, self taught my self everything I know. I've never really been into football, used to play rugby a lot as well in school but basketball stuck with me till this date. Played for the school team but never joined a basketball team out of school. But any chance I get to go play I'll be down the court shooting some hoops 😂😂 01/06/2020 played for 6 hours with my family down my local field with a court there 😂
  7. AVP

    Only me AVP!

    Hello one and all and welcome to my little introduction where you can learn a few things about me. My name is Joe and I'm 25 years old and I'm from the UK, I work a full time job as a Steel Erector which is putting the main steel structures up for all sorts of buildings. I have two beautiful boys who are 8 months old and 4 years old and a loving, caring Fiancee. I love to play basketball. On the weekends I go out with my family to go for walks and picnics depending on the weather I'm a dad by day and a gamer by night! I'm a very friendly person and I'm easy to talk to. I've not long just got into making YouTube videos, which I've been doing for a few weeks now for Simplicity and I'm loving it. I hope to see you all in game, pm me if you wanna chat or ask anything or to just hang out.
  8. Hello my fellow adventurers it's AVP here bringing you yet again another video on Simplicity RSPS. In today's video I kill the Hydra for 1hr & 30mins to see what kind of loot we can get from it. Let's just say we hit it of with some major RNG. Please like and subscribe to the channel, every one that has is helping me on my way to growing this channel. As always I will see you cretins in the next video!
  9. Hello my fellow adventurers it's AVP here, just bringing you guys a sweet little box opening video of the new Dynamite Box! Watch till the end to know how to enter my giveaway. For two lucky winners to win a sapphire box each! Leave a like and subscribe to my channel as it will help me out majorly. Wanna try and make this little channel into something big. Please sit back and enjoy the video!
  10. Hello my fellow adventurers it's AVP here also known as Advanced Video Player. Welcome to my beginners money making video guide. There are a few threads on how to make cash through the ways I show in the video but if your like me and you don't like reading then here is a video explaining a few possible way to make cash. There are the easy ways that take hardly no skill and effort at all then there is the Max combat killing way of making cash. I hope you all enjoy the video, and as always I'll see you cretins in the next video!
  11. Hello my fellow adventurers it's AVP here AKA: Advanced Video Player. I bring to you guys a short little video guide on killing the TzKal-Zuk. But this isn't your normal hide behind the wall and keep on movin guide. This is a stand there and tank the hell of that thing and kill it as fast as you can kinda thing. I only cover the range aspect of killing the boss as I'm not really a magic user so sorry to all you magic loving people out there ❤️ All is explained in the video briefly and I hope it helps new players and current players on obtaining their dreams of killing that dreaded boss. Also a massive ShoutOut to GravityZ and Hiddenblade9 who have been helping me out with everything along my journey in Simplicity without them video's like this would not be possible. Well on that note enjoy the video you dirty little cretins and I shall see you in the next one!
  12. Hello my fellow adventurers and welcome to my Alchemical Hydra kill guide. In this guide I will be explaining how to get to the Hydra, Gear set-up with a basic Set-up as well. Things you need to do within the Hydra room to successfully kill the Hydra with very little struggle. If you follow all the steps then you are on the road to killing the Hydra. Good luck people Giveaway instructions are at the end of the video! 3 Prizes are currently up for grabs NY Lucky Star / Six Month Anniversary Bag and 96 Vote Scrolls! Nate has provided the two items for the giveaway NY / SMAB so big shoutout to him. Comment in the Youtube video for a chance to enter. Good luck ❤️
  13. Hello my fellow adventurers it's AVP here AKA: Advanced Video Player. In today's video I'll be showing you guys around the home zone and the donator zone going through all the NPC's and what they have to offer for you. Sorry for my speech as I'm the worst when it comes to talking on a video. This video was made for the intention of helping new players learn about where to locate all the npc's around the home zone. I hope you guys enjoy the video.
  14. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments, I'll be making more videos about other things within the server which I hope you all will like and enjoy. Thanks again for the love it makes me feel a lot better about my content ❤️
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