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  1. Congrats guys! killing it
  2. Great topic and yes i agree, $1000 is a huge milestone and I believe it needs to be more rewarding
  3. Not bad at all! hearts would've been racing lol
  4. Good to see you on here mate!
  5. It's a great addition to the server, good stuff guys
  6. Great idea, love this! Would bring the players in together more and enjoy whole server events
  7. Big Boyka

    Charmie Sig

    i like this one, my favourite
  8. Good stuff guys, keep up the good work @ sezy
  9. I like this idea, would help a lot. I am sick of things being crashed by the players because people holding onto the cash and ruins the fun +1
  10. I agree, would help a lot! happens to me a lot of times and is annoying
  11. Big Boyka

    Boyka Sig

    love it a lot, cheers mate!
  12. Sick one, i'll defs request one of you soon!
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