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  1. Hello to all, Let me get straight to the point. - Ingame cash is too hard to come by I am noticing more and more of this problem in the current game state. Valuable items are being sold for innames or rather traded for other items. It seems to me that even though items are worth billions or even trillions right now, getting the items comnverted into cash is a huge problem. Since sometimes these valuable items are taking huge grinds to obtain, it is a pain to see them end up not being sold at all OR sold for way less. Idk if this problem as I call it has always been the case, but I do like to hear your opinions on this one. A solution for this could be maybe to: Remove item-drops from bosses OR boxes, and add bigger money drops instead. I am sure a solution for this will help the ingame economy greatly. Fire away :)


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