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  1. I'm a electrician mostly domestic housing but was doing industrial a few years ago.
  2. Nice to have you on the server, Hope you stick around for awhile!
  3. What level of clue do you get bunny stuff from?
  4. That's the reason why it needs a shop or something, Get the community together and have a laugh and earn some money.
  5. Minigame Suggestion So here's the idea... Make "Spotlight hour" where a random minigame is selected every hour with boosted points / XP. Make a minigame shop where all minigames provide points for this shop to buy items etc ( These points are only obtainable from the spotlight hours.) I think this will help the minigames we currently have feel a bit more alive and give people something else to do. Open to suggestions on how to improve this.
  6. Hello by now many players would have seen me ingame.. and i've only realised i've never done an introduction :). My name is 30th May, I'm from the UK ( Huddersfield ), I honestly don't know what to write as an introduction so we will leave that there :). Look forward to many scaping adventures with all of you guys! :).
  7. Hello all.. I was just thinking it would be nice if the raids chests at the end of the boss fights could have a button to send the items into the bank (Like osrs). Thanks for reading
  8. Make it ironmen exclusive, I agree with you.
  9. ❤️❤️❤️ Love it!
  10. Don't know if it'll go but worth a shot
  11. Or abit of folage if you catch my drift?
  12. This looks amazing! The only addition i would make to it would be to try and make it abit more "earthy" Since it's meant to be guthix
  13. > Fix the freezing issue after the 2nd minion dies ( nex doesn't attack you ) > Buff the table to be slightly worse than hydra.
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