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  1. +1 from me. All donator areas should be buffed tbh other than bronze/silver.
  2. Yea I know that's the reason, but it's kinda obvious when no one replies in cc or yells. Rather put the afk trees etc elsewhere, not the most common place in the game. First thing a new guy experiences when he logs, intense lag.
  3. Hey Guys, Lately noticed that skilling is dead once you hit 99, thought about maybe having a prestige system. Once you get 99 in all skills, you have the choice to prestige your account, then all stats reset to level 1 and you go again. If you dont want to prestige just yet, then you can go to an NPC later on (max?) and select to prestige there. On each prestige, the xp rates get harder. Making it more difficult to achieve maxed prestige 1,2,3 etc. On each prestige level, you get benefits; Better drop rates for each prestige level. Titles - Make sure the title cannot be set using the ::title command. Icons - Can get the community to make prestige 1,2,3 etc icon badges. Community votes who's is best? Reaching final prestige (ie prestige 3) give an untradeable weapon or outfit etc that has some bonuses to it, better than most weapons, but not amazing ygm. (need to nerf sycthes and tbows for this to be beneficial, too op) Etc etc. We can think of more to add, but think this would give the server a bit more of a challenge. Everyone in max gear is finding nothing to be a challenge anymore. Alsoooo lets get some mini game events (CW, SW, etc etc), make hard to get rewards from NPC that cant be traded but are good. Would be cool to see some suggestions and opinions on this.
  4. Agreed with Kevin. Honestly think we should get rid of all the afk trees and the westerfish.
  5. Gamble! Its fun. Only gamble what you can spare tho Know when to quit my geee.
  6. WARNING BEFORE WATCHING VIDEO, TURN DOWN VOLUME! I couldn't turn off the sound for the video and some music got added from the recording software. Basically I was fping against Lydia Mae in ::gamble and i lost the first fp 1b vs 1b. Then I asked for a rematch 2b vs 2b and i won, she went to the Item Gambler NPC and lost against him and then logged out. I then noticed she came back online later on and i went back to get the 2b, saying i had recording of her. Which unfortunately i dont. The only proof i have is this video of the chat. When i went back to get the money from her (which she did not give back) she was fping Imm0rtal. She then also scammed him. Unfortunately he didnt record either, but he has reported her. I hope this is enough information. You can check the logs and see the trades etc and the actions. She needs to be banned asap as eventually it will piss some people off. final.wmv
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