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  1. All deserved, great commitment from you all!
  2. Grats man! welcome to the team
  3. Today i was bored enough to open skilling caskets to see what i can get from them and what you can expect from them if you have time to spare These are the loots roughly you can get is it worth it? let me know in the comments below Thank you for reading this post..and my finger as its clicked 2000 times in like 20 mins lol Peace
  4. Good luck to the both of you @ Alb and @ Sleepinwmy9 real life comes first and hope all the best
  5. Hello As a lot of people are asking here is a guide on how to make the twisted ice bow and the items you need to get it plus the stats on the bow at the end if you have felt like i missed anything out please let me know in the comments below these are all the items you need to create the BIS range weapon A normal Twisted Bow: Light Twisted Bow requires Normal Twisted bow + Fire Twisted Bow + Orb of light to make = A Fire Twisted Bow Requires Normal Twisted bow + Olm's fire + Tome of Fire to make = Unstrung Ice Bow Orb Of Ice Locations on where to find items = Raids 1 / OLM = Bandos avatar = Vorkath Congratulations you have an Ice Twisted Bow Stats As well at the 400 range attack bonus it does have a 20 percent prayer bonus as well, Feel free to pm me in game or comment on here on any question you have regarding the ICE TWISTED BOW and ill answer them
  6. Heard thats a hard pet to collect tbh good luck!
  7. No i agree with you i want an active wilderness, but i know from experience if people are killed in wilderness while pvming all they do is moan and curse in cc thats all
  8. To make friends?, Get a certain amount of gold or rank?, or just enjoy it, My goals were to hit max exp be comped and make friends,
  9. I feel like the more wildy bosses we had, the more people will complain that people will kill them when they are farming this boss but its not a bad idea
  10. rather the yellow but that will come soon
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