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  1. Welcome to the team! ❤️
  2. Charmie


    OOO grats see you around in game a few while! be good to talk to you more in game
  3. Charmie


    Hey welcome to the server enjoy the stay!, saw you been getting alot of 2b xp, how much till max xp?
  4. Both the boss and trivia points store both need revamping as theres not many things people but what mak3 said the server would not get any donations due to not really having to spent irl money when they can camp bosses, and you'd have to think as well how many boss points people have, you gonna reset them or tell them to spend them? bit harsh in my opinion
  5. Could have an option to turn off the notification like you can with banking it or putting it in the invent?
  6. Of course but then some of the drops are not announced like pet snakeling ive heard is not announced, pretty sure 1b from hydra is not announced as well i understand where you're coming from as well
  7. Short and sweet. Have somehting in chat that says 1 X Toxic staff of the dead has been added to your bank 1 X bones has been added to your bank
  8. Really deserving promotion ! ❤️
  9. Grats @ lu77ck good luck on your trial you'll smash it and @ Heroic sad to see you go hopefully see you around in game! ❤️
  10. Charmie


    Me and @xelta have made a detailed thread about skilling 2184 :), probably something you was thinking too
  11. All look good man since i known you its gotten better and better ps do you really need 4 sigs?
  12. Im grateful for the opportunity and will continue to help the community with @ Xelta
  13. good idea, there used to be a f2p ffa in old simp which was fun... addy arrows and a r2h, was pretty fun, but i agree, i would love a full rune rune scim and 2h but that would take years to complete, or a naked whip ags g maul?,
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