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  1. What do we think about in the future development team can come up with a whole new design for the idea of a master bossing cape. The cape would have to be craft in game by merging all the bosses cape available in game ( Hydra, raids, Vorkath and so on .. ) The cape would have same drop rate as all the bossing capes but just merge into one. Benefits .. 1- This would be a great way to have more prayer join raids and bossing activities grinding the drop to create each capes. 2- More space in bank as it only requires 1 slot instead of having different capes. 3- best of all, we wont have to be switching cape every boss/raids we do. Thank you and I hope you guys like the idea. Persol8. Credit to Stormz Creating a Mock up Model for the cape. - Pink - stands out from the plain boss cape standard colours.
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