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  1. Of course we'd reply need any help in game you can always pm one of us
  2. Nice, helpful guide
  3. Alot of people are gonna be mad about that hydra pet on low kc loool
  4. Great guide! This will definitely help out newer players 😁
  5. Thanks guys! Glad to be here to help
  6. If this was the case, it would pretty much eliminate any reason to donate and support the server besides goodiebags.
  7. I feel like this would be way too easy to get donor rank, especially towards the higher ranks.
  8. I think this would be pretty sick lol (no pun intended), but like Gnik said there would have to be a better benefit
  9. Looks awesome! Next 1t item in-game lol
  10. Bump, think this is a cool idea and a good incentive to collect all different types of boss capes! Also, that cape is beautiful and I need it in game
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