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  1. A higher tier master cape for 2b xp sounds cool I'll discuss it and see if that's something we can do!
  2. Made by Supreme and might be missing some stuff. Leave comment for Supreme best admin 2019 Hello everyone and welcome to the update log of Simplicity Jan 13, 2019. Please reload your client launcher to get all the latest updates. • Added mandatory bankpin. If you didn't have a bank pin you will be asked to set one on first login. (you only need to put in pin once on your IP so it's not too annoying) • Added brand new voting system check it out at https://simplicityps.org/vote/ - claim with ::claimvote now • Added more in depth logs and tracking tools to help admins locate possible stolen/scammed items & other bad players • Fixed chat filter so its not annoying but still useful for real problems • Added full Zulrah (broken atm but fixed tomorrow please be patient!) • Promotional code system for subscribers at https://simplicityps.org/?subscribe • Added mastercapes (gives you bonus % xp) - more on those in another thread! • Replaced some unnecessary drops • Removed unwanted notifications from some low tier drops • Removed "dupe detection" that was added long ago causing players to lose money from their pouch • Per request added some command shortcuts for common teles (::pc, ::raids, ::barrows, ::duel, ::mole, ::warmonger, ::bork, ::varrock, ::ardy, ::falador, ::lumby, ::corp) • Fixed some model issue with Vorkath cape • Small change to switching formulas (part of a WAY bigger plan to make better pking) • Added bank to Raids waiting room. You can also instantly teleport to raids now, using ::raids • Added magma helm (Hidden range bonus) • Added Great olm slayer helm (Hidden range bonus) • Added Sanguinesti Staff (Can hit up to 180) Thank you, Simplicity Team
  3. Noted and i'll look into adding these thanks for your suggestion!