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  1. I liked the bossing cape you made, however, I was wondering if it could have some wings? just a suggestion
  2. Good idea, i'd love to see this ingame. I think it would be good that you could also make this by combining with a max cape or something like that so people have an incentive to max and maybe for showoff purpouses
  3. I think bosses overall should drop more cash or valuable items, there are tons of bosses that are worthless to kill because their loot is trash, hell, even hydra is only worth killing because of the 10m drop, because it's rare drops are worthless. Just think of a new player trying to get started, it's nearly impossible for them, their only option is to camp lava and vote every 12 hours, it's really hard to recommend any bosses for new players because their drops won't make them money like lava will.
  4. So what can I say, nex has A TON of HP, gotta kill 4 other minions as well which makes the fight take like 5 minutes with somewhat decent gear and the drops are really bad, 1/850 for virtus or pernix, 1/410 for torva, 500k coin drop. Doing raids with the exact same gear takes at most 2:30 minutes and you get the same 1/850 chance at getting at least a decent item. This renders nex as a completely pointless boss for non iron men. I'd suggest either buffing the drops or considerably lowering the hp.
  5. It shocks me how some POS have got a shit ton of tbows, sangs, sovs, etc. And they are still so damn expensive
  6. Wenham

    Money making

    Totally agree with you Tom, thanks for bringing up the newbie struggle, really demotivating to start out as a new player and not have any good fun way to make somewhat decent money (cause lava is boring af and full most of the time, even with players with sov, tbow, sang)
  7. Hi, First of all I'd like to apologize for my bad english, it is not my mother language. I've been playing on the server for a little while and I've been enjoying it quite a lot, however, I'd suggest more mid level content gets added. Mainly what I've had come to understand is that as a new player your first goal is to get a full set of armadyl and a blowpipe and farm at ::lava . While I enjoy the grind and everything, the "late game" feels way too locked behind, mainly because farming at lava isn't much fun and it's usually packed. Next step is to upgrade to Magma Blowpipe and Pernix, which are items that are way too expensive, which means quite a few days of ::lava farming. Why not go bossing? Because the bosses that you can do with early game gear wreck you and the time it takes to kill them is too long, so to get that 1/800 drop that you need to be able to get some cash to further upgrade your gear is actually way longer, because you get more reliable gold at ::lava. While I like the way late game items like scythe and tbows are hella op, you are meant to use them to be able to do endgame bosses like vorkath or even do the inferno, however those items cost waaay too much money, and they should, but it feels like there's no gear in between, like, there's bad gear and op gear, nothing in the middle. This is just my perception, maybe I am wrong, however that's just the way i've managed to see things, maybe there is gear that sits in the middle however there's not much information or clarity on where you should be progressing to, like what gear you are supposed to get next and that kind of stuff, most of the time I'm asking around what I should upgrade to and people just tell me to save for a tbow or to not even bother with melee until I get a scythe
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