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  1. Oii simps, My suggestion is to update slayer pannel / loot from rewards.Suggestions:-Combat boxes are way to expensive 500each makes no sense, bring them down to 350 and add elite combat boxes for 600-800 a piece, adding more interresting loot / fixing some slayer mob types makes slayer a more fun skill for new players to train.-Add colored slayer helmet crafting materials as rewards, each helm giving different stats maybe more expensive with points or more rare drops to obtain them [Also add boss heads [Kalphite Queen, King Black Dragon, etc] as colours / main rare drop crafting material. bassicly make them kinda grindy / hard to make and worth going for iff you like slayer.-Being able to BLOCK TASK, huge one please atleast add this one, being able to block 3 / 5 tasks with the cost of 100-200 points [also reset streak] to not make it overpowered.-Streaks, I've noticed when I reached 20 streak it resetted my slayer streak to 0 and gave me around 360 points, and now I have a 22 streak.. Don't know iff this is a bug or intended, just let it keep going unlimited, but every 10 you get [x] points and every 20 you get alot of [x] pointsMake slayer more interresting and worth while doing!I hope this all make sense.[my first ever post on a forum so don't bully me pls ty.]❤️<------------ best thing there is... [gimme gimme] Thank you in advance, Roerboot aka rowing boat
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