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  1. Great Job man! This will help out alot of new players and players that are currently with us. Staff can ping them this. Ily.
  2. How did you find about Simplicity?: Charmie got me to join What is your favorite gamemode?: Normal Your favorite activity to do in Simplicity?: Pet Hunting and Clue scrolls If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be?: A sharp knife How would you rate the server from 1-10?: 9 What's your IGN?: Ak 47
  3. Ak 47

    Recent sketches

    this looks sickkkk
  4. Similar to what they use on normal rs on streams. This item would be very useful especially for players that boss frequently.
  5. Haha gonna have to advertise your work and get some done for other players! I'll be yelling it for sure!
  6. Unbelievable work keep it up mannn
  7. This update looks incredible. Suppose its time to start a new grind on realism! Great updates
  8. Huge update to the server can't wait to get grinding for the santa keys too!!! Leggo!!
  9. In-game name: Ak 47Round number: 14Word decoded: Infernal Eel
  10. Hmm idk but you guys have great whisky 😉
  11. I can clap my tongue. If this comment gets 10 thumbs up I'll post a video
  12. Seems like we have people from all over the place. Any Australians?
  13. Hey Guys and Gals, I am curious to know where you are all from. I'd like to see how far Simplicity has reached. I am from Essex in England (inb4allthetowiejokes)
  14. Ak 47

    Drop Tables

    I like the idea of the examine for a monster drop table. Would remove the ::finddrop command but would take alot of work.


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