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  1. This update looks incredible. Suppose its time to start a new grind on realism! Great updates
  2. Huge update to the server can't wait to get grinding for the santa keys too!!! Leggo!!
  3. In-game name: Ak 47Round number: 14Word decoded: Infernal Eel
  4. Hmm idk but you guys have great whisky 😉
  5. I can clap my tongue. If this comment gets 10 thumbs up I'll post a video
  6. Seems like we have people from all over the place. Any Australians?
  7. Hey Guys and Gals, I am curious to know where you are all from. I'd like to see how far Simplicity has reached. I am from Essex in England (inb4allthetowiejokes)
  8. Ak 47

    Drop Tables

    I like the idea of the examine for a monster drop table. Would remove the ::finddrop command but would take alot of work.
  9. Dang. Gonan have to start doing my clues lol. They should implement clue collection log would be 😎
  10. I did this with about 200 of my caskets. Just to make my loot tab look a bit more substantial. These are a good drop to get as well as clue scrolls. Loot from 2000 clues next yeah?
  11. So when is it going to be added?
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