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  1. Support to 1 and 3
  2. Thanks, nice update. Fix voting tho lol pls ;p
  3. I love you <3
  4. If anyone would be down to make me a signature It'd be lit as fuck Anything really I don't care as long as it contains my username ******PAYING GOOOODDDDD****** 1 gp and a 'thanks boi' ;o
  5. Oh I didn't know for the ::well command, thanks! And I just tried operating the dfs after 40 ish kills and it still won't work.
  6. Hi everyone, after playing for a few hours, I saw a couple details that could maybe make the gameplay slightly better than it actually is. Here are my suggestions. -Slide out of inventory to drop items. -Scroll to zoom/unzoom without having to click ''CTRL''. (took me a while to figure out tbh) -100 unnoted rocktails in donator zone shop. -100 unnoted prayer renewal flasks in donator zone shop. -Dragonfire shield ''operate'' special attack. -Right-click option on the slayer gem to see how many kills left to your slayer task. -Add a notes tab. -In-game ::priceguide command to this thread (if someone could update it or make a new one for a more accurate guide it'd be great): Thank you for reading and leave me your opinions!