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  1. AND I ASSISTED TO IT ON LIIIVVEE!!!! Gratz my favorite noob
  2. Heya, i've noticed a couple things that could maybe be added or modified, so here it is: -Add a 'Collect POS' option to the bank, so we don't need to teleport home everytime only to collect a few gp's. -Being able to see when someone gets online/offline on top of chatbox (option could be toggled on/off). -Ability to change CC's chat colours and PM's chat colours. -Remove overloads from the donator shop, but keep the extreme pots, so you actually have to make them. (let's give a purpose to herblore pls.) -Click spacebar to remove message in chatbox when you level up. -Remove Christmas Tree or change the name lmao we almost in february. -Fix Decanter so we can make Recover Special (4). -Add Bounty Target Locator for wilderness in the Quest Tab. -Add counter for the number of players currently in the wilderness in Quest Tab. Let me know what you think. Thank you for reading.
  3. Get the 'I Sell Drugs' pet and you'll have my respect forever <3 Gg on pets and inferno kills btw u rock bby
  4. Very very nice updates and fixes, amazing work guys! Thank you.
  5. Damn that was funny to watch you rage like that hahah x)
  6. Support all of this, I love you <3 Also maybe add a Note Trader to the gamble zone!
  7. Thanks, nice update. Fix voting tho lol pls ;p
  8. If anyone would be down to make me a signature It'd be lit as fuck Anything really I don't care as long as it contains my username ******PAYING GOOOODDDDD****** 1 gp and a 'thanks boi' ;o
  9. Oh I didn't know for the ::well command, thanks! And I just tried operating the dfs after 40 ish kills and it still won't work.
  10. Hi everyone, after playing for a few hours, I saw a couple details that could maybe make the gameplay slightly better than it actually is. Here are my suggestions. -Slide out of inventory to drop items. -Scroll to zoom/unzoom without having to click ''CTRL''. (took me a while to figure out tbh) -100 unnoted rocktails in donator zone shop. -100 unnoted prayer renewal flasks in donator zone shop. -Dragonfire shield ''operate'' special attack. -Right-click option on the slayer gem to see how many kills left to your slayer task. -Add a notes tab. -In-game ::priceguide command to this thread (if someone could update it or make a new one for a more accurate guide it'd be great): Thank you for reading and leave me your opinions!


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