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  1. Every time I talk to Kevin or donate he makes playing this game so much more fun than what it already is! This man truly cares about how players care about and play this game. Anytime he is on and I need help, as a rule of thumb I ask him first.

    Thanks again Kevin!


  2. I recently joined this very cool RS server about 3 days ago and I may happily say Kevin is a great owner and more than helpful with anything I ask about or need assistance with. Also he is a very nice person.

    Honestly, if anyone needs help with anything Kevin is your guy! He even goes out of his way to make sure all players are continuously having fun playing this server.

    I've been is a few really bad RS servers and with this one the owners really care about all players. I am more than happy to keep supporting Simplicity RSPS! 💪💪💪


    1. Kevin


      Thank you for this post on my profile buddy!

      I'm glad you're enjoying the server and we always aim to pleasure the community!

      Welcome to simplicity.


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