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  1. 1-99 Firemaking The first step on your journey to 99 firemaking is going to be clicking on the firemaking skill to be teleported to the training area. Skilling Area Skilling NPC You can then talk to the NPC Ignatius Vulcan to purchase logs or a tinderbox directly from him. Level Requirements: Regular Logs - 1 Oak - 15 Willow - 30 Maple - 45 Yew - 60 Magic - 75 To level the firemaking skill as quickly as possible, simply burn the highest level requirement logs available. To maximize XP gains, we suggest training woodcutting prior to filmmaking, saving the logs, and then following this strategy. DONATOR TIP: In the donor zone / ::di there is a fire that never goes out 🙂 AFK XP The Evil Tree is will periodically change locations through-out Simplicity. To find it's location you can check under the quest tab or simply type ::tree into the chatbox and you'll be notified where it's currently hiding. The reason the evil tree is useful to firemaking is the kindling you receive from cutting the tree stacks and can be used for easy afk firemaking experience. The xp is between that of Yew and Magic. Brawling Gloves (FM) Brawling Gloves will grant you bonus XP in their respective skills and for firemaking we would be using the (FM) variant to maximize our potential XP. These gloves can be purchased with prestige points for many skills from Max, an NPC located in ::edge / ::home bank or ::home2 next to the bank stalls. Inferno Adze The Inferno Adze has a chance to burn logs as you cut threes granting firemaking XP and is a great choice to use while leveling. Inferno Adze is not trade-able but can be purchased from the Mining Expert for 350 Stardust which is trade-able. To get to the Mining expert simply click the smithing skill to be teleported to where he's located. Welcome to 99 firemaking!
  2. 1-99 Mining The first step on your journey to 99 Mining is going to be clicking on the Mining skill to be teleported to the training area / mining guild. From here you can purchase a pickaxe from the Mining Instructor. Leveling Levels 1-15 From level 1 to 15 mine copper or Tin Ore. Levels 15-40 From level 15 to level 40 mine, Iron Ore. Level 40-55 Mine Gold Ore until Level 55 Level 55+ Option 1: Mine Mithril Ore until level 80 for Star Dust Option 2: Mine Mithril Ore until level 85 for Rune Ore . Adamant Ore is less XP per hour due to the time to mine Pick Axes The general, and maybe obvious, rule of thumb is to you use the best pickaxe you can. After rune a good next step, especially if you're going to be going for 99 wood cutting and firemaking, will be purchasing the Inferno Adze (350 Star Dust) from the Mining Expert at the mining guild. You can teleport directly there by clicking the smithing skill. The best in slot pickaxe will be 3rd Age (1,000 Star Dust), also acquired from the Mining Expert. Brawling Gloves Brawling Gloves will grant you bonus XP in their respective skills and for Mining we would be using the (mining) variant to maximize our potential XP. These gloves can be purchased with prestige points for many skills from Max, an NPC located in ::edge / ::home bank or ::home2 next to the bank stalls. Star Dust Star Dust is a stackable resource and is acquired by mining the fallen star. The fallen star will change locations after being depleted and reappears after about 30 minutes similar to the Evil Tree. To see the Fallen Stars location you can type ::star in the chat. The game will respond with its location or you can also check from within in the quest tab.
  3. Look Cgh, I'm not going to mention any of your past offenses or will I argue with you and I am sorry that you may feel that this is unjust. If you break a law, cops and judges don't let you off free because you didn't know better or that you weren't handed an announcement of any changes or new rules that could be implemented. Again, if you feel like you've been treated unfairly, you are more than welcome to appeal it. Lets just take this as a learning moment, read the rules, and move forward on the right foot from here. I've been nothing but respectful, so lets continue to keep it that way, and we can all just enjoy playing and grinding some Simplicity.
  4. You were jailed for the drop party, which was after the hide and seeks (which any give away's are against the rules unless you ask for permission and 9/10 times, under 10b will be approved). I messaged you in cc before you were dropping items, then tele'd to you and you didn't stop or reply. You were jailed because of that and you have multiple prior offenses. You've been a player since Day 1 as you mentioned yourself much earlier in the evening and should be very familiar from the rules because of these reasons. Not to mention the discussion of another private server prior to any of this that I did pm you and mention it being in the rules regardless of whether the server is still active or not. This was another opportunity for you to refresh your memory on what is and isn't allowed. "I wasn't told not to do it" does not make it okay. ::Rules are there for a reason and need to be followed but you're more than welcome to submit an appeal.
  5. Skovos

    Crafting Guide

    You've outdone yourself Spud. Beautiful guide. I applaud your organization, color coding, xp rates, and the whole 9 yards. 10/10.
  6. Hello and welcome, for those of you who I haven't met my IGN and YouTube are both 'Skovos'. Feel free to bother me! I'm still fairly new to Simplicity but I genuinely and absolutely love this server, the players and the staff! Easily the best one I've ever been on. I only make and upload videos as I see fit and when I genuinely enjoy doing so. I do make money from my channel but first and foremost it is a hobby that I never want to feel forced on. A video like this I could have stretched to the 10 minute mark to have more ads but I don't believe in those "tactics". Plus it usually makes for better content anyways So here it is, my first video on Simplicity which is mostly aimed at newer players, simply going over some of the basics and things I personally would have liked to know from the start. Huge shout out to Swe Monkey for helping me out and giving me a few ideas as well. He also has a YouTube channel 'SimpMonkey' so make sure you share the love, support each other and we can all grow together. Enjoy! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Give-Away has concluded! 1st Place - 1 Sapphire Box - Winner = Willy5927 2nd Place - 6 Elite Warrior Boxes - Winner = Nokwen 3rd Place - 4 Elite Warrior Boxes - Winner = Young God Congratulations and thank you for the support! Don't forget to check out and follow @ swe monkey YT as well @SimpMonkey !
  7. has been extremely helpful. Bookmarked for sure.
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