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  1. yeah had a convo with someone about his might of been rappid ags cant remember exactly but we spoke of having more quests to do some wildy some scattered around map just cause 2 is barely enough and not enough enthusiam to explore other elements of game beside afk areas
  2. but then what stops it from di players making profit off no di players for buying bulk spec restores for decent price, i think donators diamond or sapphire above should be able to buy it in note form but make it untradeable in pos?
  3. in game name : s t 0 n e r round no: 20 word decoded: shiftynex
  4. in game : s t 0 n e r round number: 12 word decoded: Superior Omlet
  5. in-game - S t 0 n e r round 1 : word decoded: sky blue vitur
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